Understanding your data allowance and charges

Information on monthly data allowances and overage charges

TELUS provides a wide variety of internet options to meet your varying needs. Each plan comes with a monthly data allowance. See below whether your Internet plan aligns with your usage.

Monthly data allowances

TELUS Internet Plan Monthly data allowance Typical uses

Internet 250 (Fibre)

Internet 150

Internet 100

Internet 75

1024 GB

1024 GB or Unlimited*

550 GB

550 GB
  • Heavy use of video streaming
  • Regular online gaming
  • Frequent up/downloading of large files
  • Multiple users on multiple devices

Internet 50

Internet 25

450 GB

300 GB
  • Video chatting/conferencing
  • Moderate use of streaming audio/video
  • Some online gaming
  • Regular use of social media

Internet 15

200 GB
  • Browsing the web, shopping, banking
  • Emailing (without huge attachments)
  • Viewing some YouTube videos
  • Occasional Skype use (voice only)

*Offer available until September 30th . $0 Unlimited data offer is only available to customers signing up for Internet 150/150 on a 2 year service agreement. Regular pricing applies at month 25.

Overage charges

If you exceed your monthly usage allowance, we will automatically provide you with additional data buckets of 50GB as needed.

  • First 50GB bucket: $5
  • Subsequent 50GB buckets: $10
  • Monthly maximum: $45

Any unused portion of your last data bucket will expire at the end of your billing cycle. Your data usage will be reset to zero and your regular monthly usage allowance will apply.

If you find you are consistently exceeding your monthly data allowance, consider upgrading your plan or you can also subscribe to unlimited internet data for $15 per month.

What Impacts your data usage

Managing your Internet data usage

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