About True North Affordability

Our True North Affordability stamp means our plan lines up with the stated* benchmark for wireless affordability

As part of their campaign, the Liberal Party pledged to make cell phone bills more affordable and reduce them by 25%, saving a family of four almost $1,000 a year.

We reviewed our current in-market pricing to ensure our plans meet - or exceed - the $2929 annual target for a family of four, as outlined in the chart below. Also, according to a study by PWC, Canada’s unlimited plans are ranked #1 based on wireless speed, access, latency and cost per GB among G7 nations.

ScenarioCurrent Annual CostExceeds Annual Target By
4 TELUS Peace of Mind plans with 10GB each (and the TELUS Family Discount)$2880$49

Our TELUS Peace of Mind plan for a family of four provides 26GB more data than the sample plans referenced by the Liberal Party, and provides an additional $49 in annual savings. You can view more about our Peace of Mind plans here.

For full details, including the chart released on liberal.ca to show the new prices with suggested reductions, please see the Liberal Party proposal below.

Liberal Party proposal

*The stated benchmark for wireless affordability was released by the Liberal Party on liberal.ca. TELUS does not affiliate with nor endorse any political party.

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