Pik TV and Optik differences

Differences between Pik TV and Optik TV services

Can't decide between TELUS Pik TV or Optik TV? Here's a list of things to consider:

Choose Pik TV if: Choose Optik TV if:
You have a few favourite channels. Pik offers the most popular live TV channels to choose from.

You enjoy a variety of channels. Optik offers the most live TV channels, including 4K and kids programming.
You use a variety of apps. You want access to all of your favourite streaming & gaming apps from the Google PlayStore.
You use a few popular apps. You want access to some streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube.
You don’t record shows. You catch-up with On Demand later.
You record shows. You regularly use a PVR.
You'll watch it now. You don’t need to record shows. Or you can watch later On Demand.
You'll watch it later. You record shows on your PVR regularly.
You only watch on one TV. No need for multiple TVs.
You have multiple TVs. Everyone wants to watch something different at the same time.
You got this! You’re comfortable managing your own technology.
We got this! You prefer a pro to manage your technology.

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