Other factors impacting your wired internet speed

Troubleshoot your slow wired internet

If you found that the speed tests are in line with your Internet plan but you are still experiencing slow speeds, the problem may not be with your internet service but a result of other factors.

Please find below details of other factors that may impact your speed experience and steps you can take.

Slow connection at certain times of the day

If you’re receiving a slow connection at certain times of the day, it is likely that your bandwidth is being used by other devices in your home.

  • Try turning off any devices you do not require to be connected in order to free up bandwidth
  • If you find that you consistently have multiple devices using up your bandwidth, consider upgrading your plan

Only experiencing slow speeds on certain devices

If you’re experiencing a slow connection only on some devices, it is likely that you are experiencing a device-based issue.

  • Ensure your operating systems and drivers on your devices are up to date. Check the device manufacturer’s website for further assistance
  • Upgrade to a newer device

Slow connection on a specific website

If you’re experiencing slow speeds on a specific website, but others are working fine, the problem isn’t with your internet service.

  • The website is likely experiencing technical issues. We recommend waiting some time before checking again

If you find you are still experiencing speed issues please contact us for further assistance.

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