Optik TV Home Screen feature (beta)

Learn about the Optik TV Home Screen feature which is currently in beta

What you need to know about the Optik TV Home Screen feature (beta)

Your Home Screen is a feature that gives you quick access to the things you want to watch the moment you turn on your TV. When you power on Optik, your Home Screen will appear. You can also access Home Screen by pressing the left arrow on your remote while watching live TV. Don’t have Optik TV? View our packages and sign up today.

  • This new feature is included with your Optik TV subscription at no extra cost

Note: Some content may require additional purchase, such as On Demand movie rentals, Own on Optik purchases or channels you are not subscribed to. No transaction will be made without your consent, as there will always be a confirmation message before you make a transaction

  • If you have parental controls active, they will be applied to your Home Screen

We are excited for you to try our beta version of Home Screen. This version is currently available for certain regions of customers, but will be available soon for all Optik TV customers.

This version is still in development and testing so we can improve the experience before its official release. Therefore, we invite you to share feedback and get additional support on our community forum, Neighbourhood.

Home Screen features

Your Home Screen gives you a quicker way to discover and access content you care about as soon as you turn on your Optik TV. Home Screen allows you to:

  • Continue watching an On Demand movie or TV series
  • Launch Netflix and other apps
  • See trending live TV content
  • Play your current and most recent recordings

Using Home Screen

You can access Home Screen in two ways:

  1. Home Screen will automatically launch after you turn on Optik
  2. Home Screen can be launched by pressing the left arrow while watching live TV

Disable Home Screen

While in Home Screen:

  1. Select Options on your remote
  2. Select Off to disable
  3. Select Don't Display on secondary message

Re-enable Home Screen

While TV is turned on:

  1. Press the left arrow on the remote to launch Home Screen
  2. Select Options on your remote
  3. Select On to disable
  4. Select Display on secondary message

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