New area code 428 in New Brunswick

Information on the new New Brunswick area code

New area code 428 in New Brunswick

Posted April 19, 2019

As demand for telecommunications services in New Brunswick continues to grow, a new area code will be added to ensure adequate availability of telephone numbers. The geographic region currently covered by area codes 506 will see the addition of a second area code on November 21st, 2020.


  • The new area code will be 428, and will only be assigned to new telephone numbers
  • Anyone who already has a number with area code 506 will keep the same number
  • The geographic boundaries that govern long distance will not change
  • Special numbers like 9-1-1 will still be dialed using 3 digits
  • For your local calls, you will now have to dial 10 digits (area code + local number)

Frequently asked questions

What is the new area code in the 506 area?

The 428 area code will be introduced gradually in the region now served by 506 in New Brunswick with an overlay method.

When will the new area code be introduced?

The new area code will be introduced starting November 21st, 2020.

Will current phone numbers change?

No. Your current phone number will not change.

What is 10 digit local dialing?

10 digit local dialing means that the caller must dial the area code (three digits) followed by the phone number (seven digits) for all local communications (calls and texts).

When should residents and businesses start using the area code for local calls in the 506 region?

Telephone service providers are currently able to support 10 digit local dialing. Business and residential customers will need to adopt 10 digit local dialing before August 13, 2020.

Will local calling areas remain the same?

Yes. Introducing a new area code, and 10 digit local dialing, does not affect local calling areas in any way.

Will long distance calls be affected?

No. Long-distance calling will continue to be dialed in the same manner. Simply enter “1” followed by the 10 digit number.

Will all new numbers after November 21st, 2020 have the new area code?

No. Numbers will continue to be assigned with area code 506 until there are none left.

When will it be possible for businesses to reserve new numbers in area code 428?

The Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) will assign blocks of new numbers to telecommunications carriers only when all numbers in the existing area code have run out.
Numbers with new area code 428 only become available for reservation to customers after they have been assigned to a telecommunications carrier.

Who is responsible for the introduction of new area codes in Canada?

These measures are the result of decisions by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Local telecommunications companies are responsible for implementing the changes.

What is the "overlay method"?

The overlay method simply involves adding a new code to the geographic region served by existing area codes. The two area codes will co-exist, providing for a substantial increase in available telephone numbers in the region without affecting existing 10 digits numbers.

Is it common to introduce new area codes to ensure there is no shortage of available telephone numbers?

Yes. Most regions in Canada require multiple area codes to accommodate demand for telephone numbers. Just as New Brunswick has 1 area code today, adding a second area code will provide a substantial increase in available telephone numbers.

Should business CPE systems be programmed with the new area code?

Depending on the CPE used, programming may be required to accommodate incoming and outgoing calls accordingly prior to August 13, 2020. This will ensure that you are able to make and receive calls without any interruption.

If you would like to open a billable MAC order to get TELUS to perform the programming changes for you, please contact us at 1-877-520-1212. If your CPE system is fully managed by TELUS, we will be proactively working on this programming change and there is no additional charge.

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