ICI TOU.TV EXTRA subscription

Description, requirements and restrictions

Watch thousands of hours of content from Radio-Canada and their partners available on right on your big screen via the ICI TOU.TV app available on your STB or on your mobile devices and computer.

Requirements and restrictions

  • The ICI TOU.TV EXTRA subscription (6.99$ value per month) is included for TELUS Internet, Optik TV or TELUS Consumer Mobile postpaid customers in the province of Quebec that register on ici.tou.tv/telus.
  • An ICI TOU.TV account created with the TELUS offer is required
  • Your 10 digit Client Account Number (starting with 5) will be required to validate your eligibility or your mobile phone number with your device in hand
  • The app uses data on the network the user is connected to. The ICI TOU.TV content is only available in Canada
  • An Internet connexion from TELUS is required to access the app on the Optik TV Set Top Box

Supported devices, browser and operating systems

You can find the information about supported devices, browser and operating systems on the ICI TOU.TV website (French only).

ICI TOU.TV account creation

  1. Use the navigation bar from your browser to access ici.tou.tv/telus. Please note that account creation/subscription process is not available on mobile or Set Top Box app. You can still complete the registration by using the browser to access ICI TOU.TV web page to complete the subscription
  2. Select Profiter de l’offre
  1. Enter the information in the required field to create your ICI TOU.TV account. Then click Suivant

Note: Avoid using an excessively long password as well as the “%”, “#” and “+” special characters to ease your login experience on the various devices.

  1. Select Valider mon compte
  1. Select the service you wish to use to confirm your eligibility to the ICI TOU.TV EXTRA inclusion with your TELUS service
  • For “Téléphone Mobile”, your mobile phone number will be required and enter it into the designated field. You will receive a text message, including a verification code, to confirm your phone number

Enter the code you have received by text message in the designated field and select Valider mon code.

  • For “Télé OPTIK ou Internet Haute Vitesse”, your client account number that can be found on your monthly bill will be required. Enter it in the designated field and click Valider mon numéro de compte. Need help ? See a billing example
  • For “Internet mobile", your client account number and associated mobile number that can be found on your monthly bill will be required. Enter it in the designated field and click Valider mon numéro de compte. Need help? See a billing example
  1. Once validation is completed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation message. Select Continuer mon abonnement au forfait

You will be redirected on the ICI TOU.TV website to enter additionnal information.

Important: Do not forget to confirm your email address. Go to your email inbox from your computer or mobile device and open the ICI TOU.TV confirmation email and select Confirmer. If you do not see the email, please verify the junk folder.

Once your email address has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the ICI TOU.TV website in a connected mode.

Important: Keep your session connected on your computer to keep your connection longer on other devices (mobile device tablet and Set Top Box). Visiting the ICI TOU.TV website every 30 days is recommended. Disconnecting your account from the website will disconnect your account on all other devices.

Install ICI TOU.TV Mobile app

Visit the application store and download the app:

Download on App store

Download on Google Play Store

Launch the ICI TOU.TV app on the Set Top Box

Tune to channel 493 on Optik TV and press OK on the remote to launch the app or:

  1. Press the apps button on your remote
  1. Select the ICI TOU.TV app and press Ok

How to log in to ICI TOU.TV app on the Set Top Box

Once the app is launched, browse over the “MON TOU.TV” menu using the arrow on the remote and select Connexion.

Enter your email address and password. Switch between the two fields by using the Précédant and Suivant button on the d-Pad. Use @.com and 123/+ to find number and special characters. Use the Confirmer button to complete the log in.

Note that the password cannot be reset in the Set Top Box app but you will find instructions on how to do so.

How to verify you're indeed logged in to the ICI TOU.TV app on the Set Top Box

If you are indeed logged in, you will see this symbol below on the right handside of the top menu bar.

In the situation of an EXTRA Subscription account or in the case of EXTRA content subscription, this symbol will be display at the bottom right corner of the box art.

In the opposite situation, the lock symbol will be displayed.


On the Set Top Box, when not logged in or in the case of a non Extra subscription, the content aspect ratio is limited to 480p. When logged in with and EXTRA subscription account, the aspect ratio increase to 540p. We are working with Radio-Canada to increase the aspect ratio quality in an upcoming release.

At the end of a series episode, a binge watching panel will appear. You have the ability to start the new episode right away, close the panel or wait for the count down.

You can also apply filter in the various menu of the Optik TV app by using the options button of your remote.

Reset your account password

If you have difficulty logging in, you always have the possibility to reset your password that is used on all ICI TOU.TV platform (web, mobile devices and Set Top Box).

  1. Type icitou.tv in the navigation bar of your favorite browser and click Connexion. Then select Mot de passe oublié?
  1. Enter the email address you’ve used to create your account and click Envoyer
  1. An on-screen confirmation will display
  1. Go to your email mailbox and open the mail from ICI TOU.TV. Select Réinitialiser mon mot de passe. If you do not see the email, please check your junk email folder
  1. Enter the new password and select Sauvegarder

Note: Avoid using an excessively long password as well as the “%”, “#” and “+” special characters to ease your login experience on various devices.

Now use your new password to log in to ICI TOU.TV EXTRA.

Common Set Top Box messages

“Licence acquisition error 0x8102c005”If the Set Top Box has just been added to your account, it is not yet recognised by the app. Please wait for 24 hours and retry. If the Set Top Box was not recently added to your account, please contact our technical support via chat or call to 310-1212.
Message « Configurer l’audio secondaire de l’émission »This message is normal behavior and does not affect playback or audio of the content. It is in place to support future functionality of the app such as described video.
« Désolé, ce numéro de compte ne peut pas bénéficier de l’abonnement gratuit au forfait EXTRA d’ICI TOU.TV, car il est non admissible ou déjà utilisé par un autre compte ICI Radio-Canada. »If your services match the eligibility criteria mentioned above, this means that they have already been used to create an ICI TOU.TV account. Please use the forgotten password procédure. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us by chat or call us at 310-1212. We will be able to release your information so that you can use them for a brand new account.
« Oups !! une erreur est Survenu »This error can occur at various moments while using the app. Some known issues can return that error. Please visit the known issue section. If it is not listed in the known issue, please reboot your Set Top Box and retry the same steps (note that you will need to re-login). If the error persists, please contact Radio-Canada support or TELUS Support to report the problem.

Known issues

Here are some of the known issues about the ICI TOU.TV app on Optik TV.

Incapacité de lancer un contenu de ICI TOU.TV sur l’enregistreur numérique personnel (unable to launch Playback ICI TOU.TV content on the PVR)
For technical reasons, your PVR is configured and limited to enable the management of the TV experience in the entire home. When all the available streams are in use either for viewing or recording content, you can only playback ICI TOU.TV on non-PVR Set Top Box. You can also stop a recording or turn off one Set Top Box to start playback on the PVR.

Special character “#”, “%” or “+” in the password not supported
Please proceed to a password change via the ICI TOU.TV website to remove these characters from your password.

Audio level of the ICI TOU.TV app Content is lower than live channel
The audio level is according to the ICI TOU.TV parameters. It is not something that can be changed and can vary between the age of the content or the provider of the content (Radio-Canada versus partner content). Please launch the app via the 493 live channel and increase the volume. This will prevent you from hearing the live channel in the background while navigating in the app and prevent any sound burst. Don’t forget to lower the volume before leaving the app.

Frequent account log off on the Set Top Box App
Visit the ICI TOU.TV website over a browser every 30 days. It is important to stay connected over the web to keep you logged in on the Set Top Box for the longest period. If your Set Top Box reboots, the connection to your ICI TOU.TV account will be lost. Reboot can occur overnight automatically to optimize the STB performance.

Speed of fast forward and rewind
The fast forward and rewind functionality requires optimizations for a better experience. We suggest you to use the skip forward (30 seconds) and the skip back (7 seconds) buttons.

Oups !! Error
This can be observed when:

  • Selecting « Découvrir plus de contenu dans cette section » on the « Bientôt en ligne » swimlane
  • Using the binge watching function for recommended content at the end of a series
  • When you disconnect your account from ICI TOU.TV website, the error will show in circle at the app launch on the Set Top Box ( a reboot of your Set top Box will be required. The first launch after the reboot will still show the error but not the subsequent ones)

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