Common Pik TV errors

Information on troubleshooting Pik TV authentication errors and slow loading guide

Error LP1008 on Pik TV

If you receive a message stating Authentication error, user not provisioned (invalid credentials):

  • Ensure you have an active subscription to Pik TV. If you would like to subscribe to Pik TV visit
  • Have you received a your confirmation email? It will include the following subject line: Confirmation of changes to your TELUS account. If you have not received a confirmation email, your Pik TV account is still being processed. Try again once you receive your confirmation email
  • Have you completed your My TELUS registration? To confirm, visit

If the issue persists, please contact us.

How to return to the Pik TV login screen to try again

1. On your media box:

  1. Select the Home button on your remote to open the Android TV home screen
  2. Scroll down until you reach Settings. Select OK
  3. Under Device, select Apps
  4. Scroll to Running Apps
  5. Scroll through the apps list to find Pik TV (they're in alphabetical order) and select OK
  6. Select Force Stop > OK
  7. Select Open to relaunch Pik TV and attempt to log in again

2. On your smartphone or tablet

  1. View your running apps by double clicking on your Home button
  2. Find the Pik TV app and swipe up on it to force close the Pik TV app
  3. Relaunch the Pik TV app you'll be presented with the login screen

Slow loading of the guide

On Apple TV, if you are experiencing slow loading when launching the Pik TV guide, these tricks can speed up the loading process while we work on improving this experience.

If you have an idea of the type of content you'd like to watch, you can:

  1. Select Live TV from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Scroll down to find the row with the type of content you would like view (e.g. Sports)
  3. Scroll to the right to find a program you would like to watch
  4. Select this program by clicking on the touchpad

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