Customize the perfect phone plan

Whether it’s a plan for your family or just for you, TELUS lets you design, build and manage a plan you’ll love.

Family plans

Your family plan is in good hands – your hands

Design the perfect plan to fit everyone in your family with Family Advantage™.

Family of four plans starting at

$61.25/month per person

Find out how the Family Advantage™ fits every family

Build a custom plan that lets your family share data and save

Customize a plan to get everyone what they want and only pay for what you need. Choose your data, pick features that matter to you, enjoy unlimited nationwide family calling and even bring your own phone to the plan.

Monitor your data usage

Avoid surprises on your bill by getting notified when you’re getting close or have reached your full data limit. Stay in control by viewing real-time usage, setting notifications, and turning on and off data per family member. There are no more surprises, all under one account.

Individual plans

Find a plan just for you

We’re all different when it comes to our phones. So whether you’re a browser, a gamer, a texter or a streamer, we’ve got a plan for everyone.