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Graduate Engineering Leadership Program

Do you want the opportunity to work alongside the best minds in the industry and be a key leader in the evolution towards software-defined security, networking and services?

Our Graduate Engineering Leadership Program (GELP) is a specialized growth opportunity for high achieving, recent grads in the engineering or computer science fields. We’re looking for people who want to further develop their technical knowledge and software skills and grow into professional roles.

Why GELP is for you

We have a unique multi-year rotational program designed to give you networking opportunities, allowing you to interact with team members and senior leaders and to gain amazing practical experience. Each rotation team has its own specific job function, providing you a chance to build the different technical skills and abilities necessary to usher in future technology advancements.

Rotations are assigned based on our business priorities, your strengths and your areas of development. You will have an opportunity to explore various roles within one of the five streams through three 9-month rotations.

The 5 different streams are:

  • Mobile Broadband Network Engineering - Designing and implementing our next generation wireless networks – macro, in-building, Wi-Fi – that includes learning wireless IP Access design, wireless core network design, data analytics, software development and operations (DevOps), as well as future technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) as it relates to wireless technology.
  • Fixed Broadband Network Engineering - Designing and implementing our next generation wireline networks, including Optical and IP network design and deployment, software DevOps and the design and implementation of SDN and NFV using technologies such as OpenStack.
  • Security - Researching, developing and implementing some of the most pioneering digital security and privacy solutions to protect Canadians and businesses from the full spectrum of online threats with TELUS. Skills developed include cybersecurity and threat assessment, software DevOps and Security Product development.
  • Technology Development - Designing and developing the next generation of customer friendly services and solutions to maximize our network capabilities. Working in collaboration with our business teams and technology implementation teams, skills developed include product development and implementation, software DevOps and application of virtualization in creating and extending TELUS’ operating and business support systems, as well as the development and deployment of advanced IP TV technologies in support of our OptikTV services, and next generation messaging and voice services.
  • Mission Critical Environments - Developing and implementing future friendly strategies in advancing our world-leading network and data centre infrastructure systems to continue to be the most power and resource-efficient in the world.

Engineering graduates who choose to pursue a P. Eng. will have support in this endeavor, gaining 2 years of relevant work experience during the program.

Positions are available primarily in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

To learn more about this exciting program, watch our video.

Hiring cycle

Our postings go up first week of September and come down at the end of the first week of October. Our interview process commences late October/early November.

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To qualify for the GELP, applicants must graduate in the same year or up to 18 months prior. For undergraduates still progressing through their course of study and looking for Co-op opportunities, the TELUS Co-op Program. may be right for you.

Graduate Engineering Leadership Program

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