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Customize the perfect phone plan.

Whether it’s a plan for your family or just for you, TELUS lets you create and control a plan you’ll love.


Introducing No Overage plans.

Get your new device on a No Overage plan and never worry about data overages again. Hurry, offer ends July 2.

More choice, more control, more savings - that’s the TELUS Family Advantage.
See how the Family Advantage™ fits every family.

Build your family plan today and start saving.

Enjoy $10 off per month for each family member added to your account.

Family of four plans with 6 GB of shareable data starting at.

$60/month per person

Endless data, endless fun.

Our new No Overage plans make data overages a thing of the past. Choose either 10 GB or 20 GB or 50 GB of high-speed data and enjoy endless usage without the worry of overages, all on Canada’s largest network.

Get a new device with endless data

Enjoy endless data and no overages with a new device.
Offer ends July 2nd
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Endless data with your own device

Enjoy endless data and no overages on a BYOD plan.
Offer ends July 2nd
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Canada-US plan
Travel worry-free and stay connected abroad. Enjoy the same voice and data you get at home when you travel to the US.

International plans


Canada-US plans let you use your voice, text and data the same in the US as you would at home. Two countries, one plan, zero worries.

Starting at


How do I know the Canada-US plan is right for me?

Keep the same plan

Whether you’re at home or crossing the border, your plan stays the same. Use your current voice, text and data plan in the US just as you would at home for no extra charge.

Go unlimited

Enjoy unlimited calling and texting to phone numbers in Canada and the US for only $15 more a month than our unlimited nationwide calling plan.

Find the right plan for your trip

If you travel to the US regularly or simply make frequent calls there, this may be the plan for you. Going for a shorter trip? Check out TELUS Easy Roam instead.

Answers to your Canada-US plan questions

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Talk & text plans

Prepaid Plans

Find talk, text and data options – starting at $15 for 30 days.

Voice 35

Get unlimited local minutes for $35 per month.

Considering switching to TELUS?

We’ve got you covered when it matters the most. See why we’re officially Canada’s largest and fastest network.

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