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TELUS. Let's make the future friendly.

Discover Canada’s fastest mobile network that you can rely on

A woman taking a picture on a running track, symbolizing the speed of the TELUS 5G network.
Two cheetah cubs with a 5G logo, symbolizing the blazing-fast speeds of the TELUS network.

Enjoy blazing-fast speeds on our reliable, award-winning 5G network across Canada

Connect with your loved ones instantly and enjoy high-speed streaming and gaming on our reliable network. Plus, you’ll enjoy coverage in more urban, rural and remote communities than ever before1.

Exceptional reliability

We use advanced technology to give you the most consistent network quality in Canada2, so you’ll get a reliable connection in more places.

Ultra-fast responsiveness

Get instant access to your applications and control smart devices without any lag with the high-speed responsiveness of our 5G network.

Incredible 5G speeds

Enjoy high-quality video calls, quicker downloads, instant streaming and ultra-fast gaming on-the-go on our blazing-fast network.

Experience the power of our 5G network in everything you do

A woman sitting inside a camper van in a wooded area, with her arm outstretched and holding a smartphone to make a video call.

Enjoy lag-free video and audio calls

Stay connected to your work, friends and family with high-definition video and audio calls on our fast, reliable 5G network.
A smiling woman sitting at a desk, wearing earbuds and looking at a tablet.

Stream and upload seamlessly

Watch videos on-the-go without any loading time. Plus, share your content instantly with our fast upload speeds2.
A young boy sitting in a lush outdoor setting, wearing yellow headphones and using a gaming device.

Champion multiplayer gaming

Online games react instantly to inputs on our 5G network, giving you an unbeatable competitive edge in multiplayer gaming.
A person’s hand holds a smartphone towards a city street, with the screen displaying icons to indicate nearby businesses and services.

Immerse yourself in augmented reality

Enjoy an immersive AR experience on our 5G network and discover new ways to interact with your real-world environment.

Canada’s fastest mobile network as verified by Ookla® Speedtest®

Ookla’s Speedtest Awards are based on an analysis of consumer-initiated tests3.
An Ookla Speedtest Award for fastest mobile network in 2022.

Consistently excellent network quality as per Opensignal’s independent analysis

Based on third party analysis of consumer mobile experiences across Canada2.
Winner of Opensignal Awards, according to the August 2022 Mobile Network Experience Report.

Try our award-winning 5G network4

With blazing-fast speeds3 and a network experience you can rely on2, you’ll stay connected and do more of what you enjoy across Canada with TELUS. Give us a call to try our network for 30 days commitment-free.

Enjoy reliable coverage from coast to coast

Our network is reliable and reaches 99% of Canadians, so you can be confident you’ll have a strong connection wherever you are.
A map of Canada showing areas covered by the TELUS network.
A rabbit with a TV showing popular shows on Stream+ and logos of Netflix, Apple TV+, discovery+ and TELUS TV+.

Enjoy Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, discovery+ and TELUS TV+ on our 5G network

Save big on video streaming with our exclusive Stream+ bundle. Add it to a Mobility plan for $25 monthly plus taxes and enjoy quality up to high-definition on our 5G network.

Ready to join our fast and reliable 5G network?

Get any phone for $0 upfront with TELUS Easy Payment.

Three smartphone devices.

Get an unlimited data plan and enjoy 5G+ speeds of up to 1Gbps

Three colourful parrots symbolizing the range of unlimited data plans available with TELUS.

We give to communities and care for our planet

Join TELUS and become a part of our commitment to build stronger communities through initiatives like Mobility for Good® and TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®.
A brown alpaca and a grey alpaca leaning against each other.
A woman in a business suit holding a coffee and smiling.

Your business deserves the fastest network.

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, we’ve got you covered. Stay connected no matter where your business takes you on Canada's fastest network.

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