Save up to $550 on the flashiest phones with Bring‑It‑Back™.

Save up to $550 on the flashiest phones with Bring‑It‑Back™.

Get that new phone feeling and save like you’ve never saved before. Enjoy up to $550 off your device cost when you return it at the end of your plan. Only at TELUS.

Flamingo BIB

About the Bring-It-Back™ program

Pay the lowest price per month.

With devices from $0 upfront every day and Bring‑It‑Back™, you’ll pay the lowest monthly price anywhere on your device. Only at TELUS.

Easy, affordable upgrades.

At the end of your plan, return your old device and upgrade to the latest model with another upfront or monthly saving.

Flexible options.

Pay less either upfront or on your monthly bill - the choice is yours. Plus, keep your device at the end of your plan by simply repaying the original program amount.

See how much you can save on the latest devices.

Bring-It-Back makes the latest and greatest devices more affordable than ever. Discover the best new phones for our best price now.







Protect your device

Add an extended warranty to your device to ensure it meets the Bring-It-Back return policy. If you damage your device, we’ll replace it with the same model and accept it for your Bring-It-Back return.

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