Your Bring-It-Back™ device is due for return. Here are your next steps.

You selected the Bring-It-Back™ program for your current contract. With the contract ending soon, let’s look at your options for keeping or returning your device.

What would you like to do with your device?

Returning your device

Learn how to return your device.

Your first step is to check that your device is in good condition. Learn more about returning in store or over the phone to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Return over the phone or in-store.

Call us between 9am to 7pm local time everyday to get started on your return. If searching for a store, don’t forget to check the opening hours and apply the Bring-It-BackTM filter.

Explore your device upgrade options.

Discover the latest devices to choose from before you call us or visit the store for your upgrade.

Check your Bring-it-Back™ amount anytime with My TELUS.

Check your balance anytime with My TELUS.

Have more questions about Bring‑It‑Back™?

Our support section has all the answers to your questions. Find information on the Bring-It-BackTM program, your return options, and much more.