TELUS Home Assistant on the Google Assistant

Voice control your Optik TV with the Google Assistant

What is TELUS Home Assistant?

TELUS Home Assistant Action on the Google Assistant gives you hands-free voice control of your Optik TV. Don’t have Optik TV? View our packages and sign up today.

The TELUS Home Assistant action on Google Assistant allows our Optik TV customers to control their entertainment experience with their voice.

We invite you to share feedback and get additional support on our community forum, Neighbourhood.

For the users who participated in our beta test, please see the section on how to unlink and relink your account to use the full version.

Supported devices

Any Google Assistant enabled device, including:

  • Google Home
  • Google Mini
  • Google Max
  • Third party speakers integrated with the Google Assistant
  • The Google Assistant app downloaded on select iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Don’t have a smart speaker device? Find out if your phone or tablet can be enabled with the Google Assistant by visiting Google Assistant Help, or purchase a Google device by shopping on

Get started

Once your device is set up, link to TELUS Home Assistant to start using voice to control your Optik TV.

Which device are you using? Please visit the options below for instructions on how to link your Optik TV to Google Assistant.

  1. Google Home devices
  2. Google Assistant supported smartphones & tablets

To connect to TELUS Home Assistant, simply scan the barcode below with your smartphone. Go to your camera app and position your phone so that the QR code appears on your screen. The camera app should automatically recognize the QR code.

If you are on your smartphone, please visit the Google Home app download page to connect to TELUS Home Assistant.

Support for beta participants

Please review our instructions for beta users on how to unlink and relink your Assistant to use the full version of TELUS Home Assistant.

Commands for your Optik TV

Try the following voice commands:

Change channel by name or number:

  • "Hey Google, tune to CNN on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, change to channel 101 on <device nickname>"

Search by title or actor:

  • "Hey Google, show me Game of Thrones on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, show me Tom Cruise on <device nickname>"

Open apps, guide and recordings:

  • "Hey Google, open Netflix on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, launch Youtube on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, open Guide on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, launch PVR storage on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, go to recordings on <device nickname>"

Note: Once you launch an App, you must use your remote to navigate.

Play, pause, stop, rewind & fast-forward by duration:

  • "Hey Google, pause <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, rewind by 10 minutes on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, fast-forward by 60 seconds on <device nickname>"

Get recommendations:

  • "Hey Google, launch recommendations on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, go to what to watch on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, launch on now on <device nickname>"

Volume control:

  • "Hey Google, mute <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, unmute <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, increase volume by 3 points on <device nickname>"
  • "Hey Google, decrease volume by 5 on <device nickname>"

Did you know?

You can ask Google about your TELUS Mobility and Home Solutions accounts by enabling the TELUS Action. For example, ask Google about your bill. Visit the TELUS Action page to learn more.

Known issues

Visit our list of known issues that we are working to resolve it. TELUS Home Assistant will continue to evolve to include additional capabilities. If your issue is not covered, please visit the Neighborhood community to share your feedback for future improvements.

Got questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Need help?

Try the following tips to quickly troubleshoot:

  1. Say the command differently or be more specific. Try using a different verb or say the nickname of the digital box (i.e. instead of saying "Hey Google, show me the news," try saying "Hey Google, tune to CNN on Living Room TV")
  2. Unlink and relink the TELUS Home Assistant Action by going to Home Control on your Google Home App. Select the drop down on top the top right corner > Manage accounts > TELUS Home Assistant under Linked Services to unlink. To relink, refer above to Get Started section above
  3. Set a nickname for your TV and tell Google at the end of each command which TV you are referring to
  4. Check the Wi-Fi connection. Ask your device "Hey Google, what’s the weather today?" to easily confirm if it is connected to the Internet
  5. Visit Google Home Help to troubleshoot your device

Still having issues? Visit Neighbourhood to get support from our Neighbourhood community.

By enabling this action, you are agreeing to TELUS Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

*TELUS Home Assistant is available to residential customers who are subscribed to TELUS Optik TV with a Google Assistant enabled iOS or Android smartphone and/or Google Home device.

Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

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