Enhanced data notifications for more control

Learn about the improvements TELUS is making to data usage notifications

Due to some of the CRTC’s recent changes to the Wireless Code of Conduct, we’ve made enhancements to our data notifications. Now it’s easier than ever to track your usage and avoid unexpected data charges on your account.

To learn more about the Wireless Code of Conduct, visit telus.com/wirelesscode

Track your data better

  • You’ll be notified if additional data charges exceed pre-set amounts, starting at $20*
  • Additional data charges will also include data top-up or roaming pass purchases in addition to pay-per-use charges
  • If you exceed $50 of additional data charges, data usage on your account will be blocked

To learn more about these changes, visit Enhanced data notifications

*Subject to change without notice.

Customize your notification settings

You can log in to My Account to:

  • Manage when and how you want to be notified about your data usage
  • Ability to track/monitor data usage
  • Choose between SMS and/or email as your preferred contact method

If you don’t have My Account , you can register for free.

If you have previously customized your notification preferences, they have been reset with the update. You will need to visit Data Manager in My Account to set them again.

Going on a trip?

We’ll send you notifications about your roaming data usage and charges while traveling to help you manage your spend.

To learn more, visit Data usage notifications for mobile devices

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