Change your TELUS email password

How to change your password

Use My TELUS to reset your password

My TELUS allows you to access and manage your TELUS services. You can access My TELUS using your Internet browser.

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Within My TELUS, you will be able to reset your password(s) for all the email addresses associated with your account.

  1. Open My TELUS
  2. Navigate to Internet > Email
  3. Find the email address you want to change the password for
  4. Go to Change password
  5. Verify your account by having a one-time passcode sent to a secondary contact method such as email. Choose a contact method and select Send code
  6. Enter the code you received and select Submit
  7. Enter your new password and select Change password

Your email account password is now updated. You may now log into your email account using this password.

Use the ChatBot on this page to reset your password

A TELUS Assist chat has opened on your screen. Now, simply type Change my password and follow the prompts to reset your TELUS email password.

Tips for better security

  • Password must be 8 or more characters in length
  • Special characters (= _ * ? # : { } [ ] , .) are allowed
  • Passwords should contain at least 1 number or special character and at least 1 alphabetic character
  • Blank spaces are not allowed
  • Passwords should include at least 1 upper case and lower case letter
  • Passwords must not be one of the last passwords you have used
  • Passwords should not be the same as a password used on another site (such as banking, online shopping)

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