Troubleshoot sending or receiving text messages on a Prepaid device

Troubleshoot issues with sending or receiving text messages when you have a Prepaid mobility account

Prepaid messaging 101

If you can't send or receive text messages on your Prepaid device, be sure you have:

  • An active messaging plan or add-on
  • An available balance to use messaging services

You can check the status of your Prepaid account:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Check your account balance. If you have a zero balance, top-up your account
  3. If you do not have a plan or add-on with messaging, you are billed pay-per-use charges for all outgoing and incoming messages
  4. If the outgoing component of your messaging add-on is depleted, you are billed for each outgoing message, but continue to receive unlimited incoming messages

Check current rates for available plans and add-ons.

Avoid pay-per-use charges

Stacking data or messaging add-ons

You can purchase the same add-on up to three times each. They create a line-up allowing for immediate use of the next when the current one expires or depletes. The 30-day service period starts when the add-on comes into effect, not when it was purchased.

Stacking rate plans

You can purchase the same rate plan up to three times. Each is valid for 30 days and the next will only come into effect when the previous one expires. This creates a line-up allowing immediate use from the next add-on when the first expires or depletes.

If the first add-on runs out before its 30-day expiry date, the second add-on takes effect immediately, and the expiry date is 30 days from that moment.


To increase your messaging allotment, you can combine different rate plans and add-ons. Each will expire based on the date it was purchased, not when it takes effect.

So if the first add-on runs out before it expires, the second add-on takes effect immediately, but the second add-on has the same expiry date from when it was purchased.

How to send

Visit our Get to know your device section to learn how to send messages and change message settings on our most popular phones.

Photo and video messaging require data to be active on device to work.

To send an international text message enter the following in the ‘To’ field: "+" then the country code, then the region code, then the mobile phone number. Find a list of country codes (The + symbol can be obtained on most devices by pressing and holding 0 for a few seconds.)

Messaging troubleshooting

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