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Experience Manitoba’s largest and fastest LTE network.

And not just in Manitoba

Nationally, TELUS also won every major mobile network award. We're #1 in upload and download speeds and network quality performance.

"Canada's Fastest Mobile Network"
"Highest Wireless Network Quality Performance in the West"
"Fastest Overall Download Speed Among 3 National Providers"

Coverage from the city to the lake

We’ve invested millions of dollars in network improvements to ensure a great experience in Manitoba. Covering 97% of the population, you’ll have fast and reliable 4G LTE coverage in more places across the province. From Winkler to Thompson and Whiteshell to Russell, we’ve got you covered. Plus you’ll have access to over 900 free Wi-Fi locations.

Faster and more reliable coverage across Manitoba

Experience improved reliability and increased network speeds across the province. With manufacturer’s rated peak download speeds of 750 Mbps, you can stream music and videos faster than ever before. Plus, you can rely on improved in-building coverage in your home, office, cabin and the places you need it most. Join TELUS and experience the speed and coverage for yourself. 

Your network questions answered


Yes, TELUS’ network covers 97% of the Manitoba population with fast and reliable service. In fact TELUS is on Manitoba’s largest and fastest network. You can take a closer look at the coverage in your area here.


Our previous coverage in rural Manitoba used an extended network, meaning there was some interruption of service when moving from our network to the extended network. We now offer seamless 4G LTE coverage in both urban and rural areas of Manitoba, providing you with better signal and speeds where you need it.


TELUS has made significant investments in wireless technology and infrastructure to further enhance the reliability, speed, functionality and reach of its world-leading 4G LTE network. TELUS will continue to invest in our network for years to come in Manitoba.

Canada’s best customer service

Our commitment to service is demonstrated in everything we do. We listen to the real needs of our customers and continually find ways to improve. That's why 99% of our customers stay with us. We’ve quadrupled the number of store locations in Manitoba to serve you better.

The latest devices deserve Canada's largest and fastest network

The fastest smartphones are on Canada's fastest network. Explore the latest smartphones, tablets, accessories, and connected tech available at TELUS.

Beyond the office

Business demands the best network. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, we’ve got you covered. With Canada's largest 4G LTE network, you can stay connected no matter where your business takes you.