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Welcoming MTS customers to the TELUS family

We’re excited to welcome you and are committed to making your move as seamless as possible.

We’ve matched your current price with a plan that is the same or better.

You’ll have the same or better 4G LTE network coverage you had with MTS.

Your TELUS Welcome Package has everything you need to make the move easy.

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Contributing to Manitoba’s culture of kindness

As part of our philosophy to give where we live, TELUS is committing $1 million dollars to help Manitoba communities in 2017. The new TELUS Manitoba Community Board, our 17th Community Board, will provide $500,000 in funding every year to registered charities to help support local communities.

We’ve got you covered on Manitoba’s largest 4G LTE network

TELUS has invested millions of dollars in network improvements to ensure a great experience in Manitoba. Covering 97% of the population, you’ll have fast and reliable 4G LTE coverage across the province.

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Manitoba Coverage

Canada’s best customer service

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Shop for the latest smartphones, devices, accessories and connected technology with help from friendly experts who care. We’ve quadrupled the number of store locations in Manitoba to serve you better.

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Your questions answered

  • TELUS announced an agreement with Bell and MTS, in which ¼ of current MTS customers and 15 dealer locations would be acquired by TELUS. This was a requirement of the Competition Bureau to ensure that Manitoba benefits from added competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • The majority of selected customers are wireless only, but to ensure a balanced marketplace, there are also some customers with additional services.

  • Customers that have been selected to move to TELUS can make the move risk free as they do not need to sign a new contract with TELUS. They will receive their Welcome Bonus whether or not they choose to ultimately stay with TELUS.

    TELUS is eager to earn your business and is committed to giving you a seamless and easy transition. We guarantee that you will have the same or better 4G LTE coverage you had with MTS. Plus we’re matching your current plan price with similar or better services.

  • No, as part of our commitment to make this move as seamless and easy as possible, we have matched your current price with a plan that is the same or better as your current MTS plan. If you currently enjoy an unlimited data plan with MTS, TELUS will match your plan and you can keep it for as long as you like. TELUS offers competitive voice and data plans if you are looking to change your plan.

  • TELUS now provides seamless coverage in urban and rural areas of the province. We guarantee that you will have the same or better 4G LTE coverage you had with MTS. Plus, TELUS is investing millions of dollars to ensure a faster and more reliable experience.
    For more information on our network, including provincial coverage maps, visit

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