Wi-Fi for your home

Enjoy Internet throughout your home with TELUS Wi-Fi, included with all TELUS Internet subscriptions for the speed, coverage and control you need.

Wi-Fi built for our fast paced digital world

Wi-Fi powers wireless connectivity throughout your home to stream, video conference, game and surf the web. All Internet plans include TELUS Wi-Fi so you can power every device in your smart home.

The need for speed is real

Video calls, online gaming, and multiple streams all at once need Wi-Fi speeds to keep up. Our Wi-Fi technology makes adjustments automatically for the best connection.

See you later, dead-spots

Professional and friendly technicians can help set up your home to ensure your Wi-Fi is optimized. For only $5/month for 24 months ($120 value), TELUS Boost Wi-Fi extends coverage to even more parts of your home

Take control of your network

Pause Wi-Fi to enjoy family time without digital interruptions, monitor your usage by device, see who’s online and more with the TELUS My Wi-Fi app

Together, we’re connecting Canadians in need.

By choosing TELUS, you’re helping support programs like Internet for Good®, which provides thousands of low-income families in British Columbia and Alberta with the tools and connectivity they need to succeed.