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Unstoppable Internet now starting from $89/month.

Save up to $1,104 over 2 years with TELUS PureFibre®, Canada’s most reliable internet technology.

TELUS PureFibre is Canada’s most reliable internet technology

Only TELUS has the unstoppable power of a 100% fibre network right to your home. Get faster upload speeds and a reliable connection that won't slow down during peak hours, even when everyone is video calling, streaming and gaming.

Why choose TELUS PureFibre?

Canada’s Fastest Internet with up to 9x faster upload speeds than Shaw

Our network is the fastest, most reliable internet technology available. Named Canada’s fastest major internet provider two years in a row by PCMag. Only TELUS PureFibre features upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps - that’s 9x faster uploads than Shaw.

Experience the speed, coverage, and control you need with TELUS Wi-Fi

All TELUS PureFibre plans come with TELUS Wi-Fi for the speed, coverage and control you need. TELUS Wi-Fi powers wireless connectivity throughout your home to stream, video conference, game and surf the web on multiple devices all at once throughout your home.

Together, we’re connecting Canadians in need

By choosing TELUS, you’re helping support programs like Internet for Good®, which provides thousands of low-income families in British Columbia and Alberta with the tools and connectivity they need to succeed.

TELUS PureFibre 5G™ network

The TELUS PureFibre 5G network of the future will increase wireless capacity and speeds, while laying the groundwork for advancements in emerging tech sectors, healthcare, agriculture and more.

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The features you want

TELUS PureFibre

Gigabit Internet

Shaw Gigabit Internet

Canada’s most reliable internet technology

100% fibre network direct to your door

Canada’s fastest ISP 2 years in a row

Top upload speeds

940 Mbps

100 Mbps

Top download speeds

940 Mbps

940 Mbps

Now from $89/mo. on a 2 year term

$115/mo for 24 months

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Fibre communities

TELUS PureFibre 5G™, is expanding into new communities every day.


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