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TELUS PureFibre. The fastest internet technology.

With a direct fibre optic connection to your home, stream seamlessly with clear pictures and great sound.

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Why TELUS PureFibre?

Get Canada’s #1 Netflix streaming experience, over 12 months running*

With a direct fibre optic connection to your home, TELUS PureFibre consistently ranks #1 in Canada for prime time Netflix performance. Experience state of the art streaming, with clear pictures and better sound, even when everyone in your home is connected.

 *Based on December, 2019 Netflix ISP Speed Index rankings for Canada. (Spanning September 2018 – December 2019)

A direct, 100% fibre optic internet connection.

Fibre optic never degrades. That means a fast, always consistent connection, without lag or buffering delays. Unlike other providers, TELUS PureFibre delivers 100% fibre right to your home on a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours.

Download and upload at equally fast speeds.

Only fibre internet can deliver uploads as consistently lightning-fast as downloads, which makes sharing and streaming online easier.

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Amazing service and world-leading networks. That’s just the start of what we do. We’re making the future friendly – using technology to break down barriers, keep you safe online and help Canadians reach their full potential. When you choose TELUS, you’re All Connected for Good.

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