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Internet PureFibre X

How fast? Unbelievable!

Switching to PureFibre X Internet means getting the best, fastest on the market. Whether it's for browsing, working, or playing online, do it at a speed that will leave you in awe. All over the house, at all times. Coming soon where technology is available.

TELUS PureFibre

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Until the PureFibre X technology arrives in your area, you can still enjoy lightning speeds with our other OPTIK Internet plans.

100% fibre for constant speeds

Why do you benefit from the fastest technology with TELUS PureFibre? Simply because it is entirely made up of fibre optics, all the way to your home. The result? Power and consistency for data transmission!

TELUS PureFibre’s connection

Other types of connection

A life connected to your needs

Give everyone in your household a 100% fibre experience with spectacular image quality, high-speed file sharing, clear video calls, and more dynamic online games.

Home Security Redesigned

Protect what matters most to you and control your home at all times with Telus SmartHome and its many smart devices.

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Entertainment more real than nature

Get optimized speeds in multi-user environments and access the full potential of 4K HDR entertainment.

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Files that travel fast fast fast

Do you work from home? Do you share photos and videos on social media? Send and receive files at full speed at any time of the day.

Video calls that make you forget the distance

Talk as if the screen did not exist thanks to a powerful connection and exceptional picture and sound quality. Enjoy what really matters.

PC Magazine rates us the fastest internet – again

We continue to invest in our world-class network so you get the fastest, most reliable Internet technology available. That’s why, for the second year in a row, PCMag named TELUS the fastest major internet provider in Canada.

TELUS PureFibre

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Enjoy lightning speeds with our OPTIK GIGA Internet plan of up to 940 Mbps download and upload. Available in certain localities.