TELUS Boost Wi-Fi. The best home internet coverage.

Expand your Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. Get the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack for just $5/month for 24 months. TELUS Internet required.


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Get the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack and Expansion Pack ($240 value), included with internet on a 2 year term . Order online and get a $150 bill credit.

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Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack - covers up to 2000 square ft. + supports up to 10 connected devices for $120 or $5/month.

See how TELUS Boost Wi-Fi ranks #1 on speed.

We commissioned third-party testing house Allion to put our TELUS Boost Wi-Fi product to the test against Google Wi-Fi, EERO and Plume Wi-Fi. Using three access points from each mesh Wi-Fi system, we compared the results.

Throughput speed

The actual data transmission speed from one device to another when uploading photos or downloading your favourite song.

How TELUS Boost Wi-Fi works

TELUS Boost Wi-Fi creates a mesh network throughout your home so your devices will always connect to the strongest possible Wi-Fi. You will also enjoy more consistent speeds in every room. Set up is easy with the TELUS My Wi-Fi App.

Extended coverage

Wi-Fi boosters work together using advanced network technology to create a powerful Wi-Fi network with expanded coverage.

Consistent speed

Smart Wi-Fi technology optimizes device performance and keeps you connected within a single Wi-Fi network.

Better connectivity

Boosters automatically connect your devices to the best possible Wi-Fi frequency as you move throughout your home.

Simple set-up and control

The TELUS My Wi-Fi app guides you through the set-up process and lets you easily monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi network - like pausing your Wi-Fi with a single tap.

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What you need first

TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

Starter Pack

Limit of one Starter Pack per account. Covers up to 2000 square feet. Requires TELUS Internet. For extra coverage, get the expansion pack. 30 day money back guarantee.

One-time payment of:
Or just
for 24 months
Still need more coverage?

TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

Expansion Pack

Starter Pack required. Adds up to 1000 additional square feet of coverage. Limit of 3 per account. Requires TELUS Internet. 30 day money back guarantee.

One-time payment of:
Or just
for 24 months

Existing Internet customer? Add the starter pack or expansion pack

How to give your TELUS Wi-Fi a boost

How TELUS Boost Wi-Fi works

Learn how you can easily create a home mesh Wi-Fi network with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

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Amazing service and world-leading networks. That’s just the start of what we do. We’re making the future friendly – using technology to break down barriers, keep you safe online and help Canadians reach their full potential. When you choose TELUS, you’re All Connected for Good.