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Shake off data limits with unlimited home internet

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited home internet data on a 2 year term.

Internet that fits your lifestyle

Whether you're an occasional surfer or a family of dedicated gamers and streamers, we've got you covered.

The fastest internet technology

We’re the only internet service provider in Western Canada that offers a 100% fibre optic network – for the fastest, most reliable internet.

Why TELUS Internet?

Canada’s #1 Netflix streaming experience, June 2019*

TELUS PureFibre delivers the best Netflix streaming experience on the fastest technology. *Based on June, 2019 Netflix ISP Speed Index rankings for Canada.

Competitive gamers need competitive speeds.

Level up and top the leaderboards with the fastest internet technology for speed and reliability. With symmetrical upload and download speeds you can finally stream games and videos to your fans in 4K on Twitch and YouTube.

Easily manage your Wi-Fi network

With features like pausing your Wi-Fi, running a speed test, and viewing your monthly data usage, the TELUS My Wi-Fi app is the best way to manage your home internet.

Worry-free Wi-Fi

With the TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi modem, you can browse and stream without interruption. Plus upload and download up to 3 times faster.

Great whole-home coverage

Our installers scan your home with specialized equipment, making sure you get the best possible coverage.

Smarter Wi-Fi technology

The Advanced Wi-Fi Modem always selects the best frequency – so you get the most out of your network.

4K friendly

Say goodbye to cables. Now you can stream glorious 4K content throughout your home.

Switch to TELUS and get the service you deserve

Join millions of customers enjoying TELUS Internet with plans that fit your lifestyle and activities.

Upgrade your internet

The best home internet coverage

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi slow spots and drop-offs with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.

Get Unlimited Data

Enjoy unlimited home internet data for free with any internet plan on a 2 year term, or for just $15 a month.

Stay safe when you browse online

Get 24-hour threat monitoring or a VPN for anonymous browsing, Norton Security & Secure VPN helps stop the latest attacks before they reach your devices.

Need help?

Browse our articles and learn how to set up, optimize or troubleshoot your internet, home Wi-Fi, or mobile hotspot.

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