Top tools for patients and professionals

Care. Connected.

Virtual care is already improving the lives of patients and health professionals. From delivering medical care and advice, to pain and prescription management, it’s made care more accessible, more efficient and more connected than ever.

Services designed with care

For over a decade, we’ve worked alongside health authorities and experts to design a suite of best-in-class virtual care solutions for every aspect of the patient journey. Whether you’re a patient, an organization or a healthcare professional, we are innovating for you.

Peace of mind for employers and their teams

24/7 virtual care and support

Over 1.2 million Canadians rely on Akira—the virtual care app that gives companies peace of mind knowing their employees have access to 24/7 medical care and mental health support wherever they are.

  • On-demand access

  • Encrypted text and video consultations

  • Available in English and French

  • Includes coverage for immediate family

We’re proud to announce that EQ Care, a pioneer in virtual care, has recently joined the TELUS Health family. Look out for more exciting innovations coming soon.

Medical care for individuals and families

Consult a doctor virtually

Babylon by TELUS Health is a free app that allows Canadians to see a doctor, check on symptoms and get prescription refills without even leaving home. Covered under some provincial health plans, we’ve recently expanded our services to provide extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Book appointments that fit your schedule

  • Connect with a doctor via video for more accurate diagnosis

  • Access doctor’s notes

  • Track and monitor health

  • Share information with family doctors

Solutions for clinics and physicians

Engage with your patients

Trusted by 18,000+ physicians, TELUS EMR Virtual Visit is an encrypted, EMR-integrated solution that powers virtual consultations, patient record access and updates and improves workflow efficiency. With the Patient Portal add-on, patients can book their own appointments and physicians can connect with groups, share newsletters or promotions and more.

  • Connect with patients via video and text

  • Share and receive photos and documents with patients

  • Review patient records and take notes simultaneously

  • One-click access for patients

  • Reduced exposure to risk

Tools for pharmacists and patients

Connect with patients in a whole new way

Virtual Consultation helps pharmacists get more out of every patient interaction. Initiated right from Kroll or Ubik, it makes it easy to schedule consultations, connect remotely via a simple, secure platform and get the visual cues needed to provide the best advice and treatment.

  • Connect via video, audio and chat

  • Manage and monitor prescriptions

  • Protect patient privacy

  • Deliver a safe and positive pharmacy experience

Innovation for health authorities and hospitals

Remote monitoring solutions

Home Health Monitoring enables clinicians to provide care at a safe distance, use resources more effectively, save on healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for patients.

  • Monitor thousands of patients for COVID-19 remotely

  • Manage vitals, adjust treatments and intervene before health issues arise

  • Quickly identify patients in need of urgent care

  • Accessible for patients via a simple smartphone or tablet app