JULY 4, 2024

TELUS Health enables health data interoperability in Nova Scotia

First large-scale initiative in Canada to standardize and connect primary care data for better health outcomes

HALIFAX - Today, TELUS Health announced a collaboration with Nova Scotia Health (NSH) to enable residents of Nova Scotia to access their primary care information through the
YourHealthNS app
. This health data interoperability initiative marks the first large-scale effort in Canada to standardize and connect primary care data and empowers people in Nova Scotia to better manage their health and improve health outcomes.
“TELUS Health is very proud to be collaborating with Nova Scotia Health to support primary care data access for all Nova Scotians,” said Martin Bélanger, Senior Vice-president, Payor & Provider Solutions, TELUS Health. “We have been working on various opportunities across Canada to support, enable and advance data interoperability, responding to the growing demand from Canadians. Our collective efforts in Nova Scotia show that with provincial leadership and support, swift action and a patient-first approach, we can advance digital healthcare innovation to address the unique needs and priorities of specific regions.”
TELUS Health is a leader in digital health data and currently supports most of Nova Scotia’s clinicians with electronic medical records (EMRs) to enhance their practice and patient care. Through this collaboration, TELUS Health is using its integrated data platform to extract relevant patient summary data from these EMRs.
“The collaboration between TELUS Health and Nova Scotia Health has been a significant and positive factor contributing to the success of our journey to do more and go faster,” said Scott McKenna, Chief Information Officer, Nova Scotia Health. “Nova Scotia is proud to lead the way in creating the partnerships and digital foundations necessary to empower citizens and advance the Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap.”
Providing patients with seamless and secure access to their health information benefits not only the patients themselves but also clinicians and care providers. This access leads to greater efficiencies, supports effective communication and ultimately enhances the overall patient experience, as demonstrated by a
pilot project
launched in early 2024. Among the 13,000 participants, 68 per cent who accessed their health records reported their patient experience as good or excellent.
As the
first company in the world
to achieve the ISO 31700-1 Privacy by Design certification, TELUS Health is committed to safeguarding privacy and advancing the principles of trustworthy data practices across Canada and beyond. TELUS Health aligns with the Government of Nova Scotia’s dedication to using healthcare data solely for the advancement of healthcare, ensuring that individuals can lead healthier lives.
TELUS Health looks forward to collaborating with other provinces across the country to replicate this success.
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