APRIL 20, 2023

Baycrest’s Goal Management Training now offered through TELUS Health’s AbilitiCBT platform

First large-scale digital roll out of Baycrest’s Goal Management Training will support mental rehabilitation for people across Canada and the United States.

Toronto, April 20, 2023 - Baycrest is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) to make its Goal Management TrainingTM (GMT) program available to more people in Canada and the United States. The collaboration will introduce GMT to TELUS Health’s AbilitiCBT platform that is currently being used by corporations, health care institutions, and health insurance companies. GMT is a therapist-guided, cognitive rehabilitation and training program that can be tailored to users for the treatment of conditions with associated cognitive impairment such as mental illness, post-COVID-19 brain fog, ADHD and substance use.
“Baycrest is proud to partner with TELUS Health to share our leading-edge Goal Management Training program, as we work towards our common goal of providing all adults with brain healthy solutions for the quality of life they deserve,” said Dr. William Reichman, President and CEO of Baycrest Seniors Care. “As a global leader in brain health and aging, we are pleased to present our expertise to an expanded audience through this innovative collaboration.”
GMT, developed at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute, is a standardized, evidence-based program for improving executive functioning supported by more than 75 peer-reviewed published studies. GMT expands the existing TELUS Health AbilitiCBT therapies to address cognitive inefficiency, distractibility, and decision-making impairments that often occur in association with mental health conditions, stress, and recovery from illness. Research involving GMT has grown and attracted more than $18 million in funding from agencies in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK and Australia.
“As a trusted leader in wellbeing globally, TELUS Health continuously strives to build healthier workplaces and communities with the belief that happy, healthy and engaged people are at the heart of resilient and productive organizations,” said Juggy Sihota, Chief Growth Officer, TELUS Health. “Through our innovative AbilitiCBT digital platform and this new exclusive agreement with Baycrest, we will be able to provide enhanced support to people who are seeking to improve both their work productivity and mental health goals.”
Through this collaboration, Baycrest will provide training for TELUS Health therapists to ensure they are fully versed in the application of GMT with their clients and can provide the necessary care needed while keeping with the high-quality standards followed by both organizations.
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