A healthy start

The TELUS Baby Health app and Baby Box are supporting your baby from day one.

Your baby's health information in one place

Download the TELUS Baby Health app for iOS or Android

TELUS Baby Health app

The TELUS Baby Health app makes it easy to store your baby's health history in one place so you can access it anytime, like at a doctor's visit. Use the app to track important medical information such as growth, immunization, and milestones, and to hear helpful tips from weekly articles.

Available for Apple via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Partnering for a healthier future

TELUS Health and The Baby Box Co. are here to support your parenting journey

The Baby Box program

Inspired by a Finnish tradition, the Baby Box program equips parents with education and a Baby Box to encourage safe sleep practices. The free box comes complete with a mattress to serve as a Health Canada-certified bassinet for baby's first months.

The Baby Box is currently only available in some areas. The Baby Box Co. is actively growing their distribution across Canada, so please visit babyboxuniversity.com to learn if there is a distribution point near you.

Support for parents each step of the way

TELUS Baby Health & Baby Box

See how the TELUS Baby Health app and the Baby Box can support your new bundle of joy.



You can submit feedback or inquiries in the app by going to Settings > Feedback. Please remember to include your email address. Alternatively, you can email telusbabyhealth@telus.com directly for support.


Yes, at TELUS Health we respect our customers’ privacy and take great care to safeguard personal information, which includes personal health information. As part of our ongoing commitment to putting customers first, we have a long-standing policy of protecting privacy. You can get the details of our privacy policy at telus.com/healthprivacy


On the screen where you are prompted to enter your PIN, locate and tap the “Forgot your pin?” link at the bottom. Follow the instructions on screen, which read as follows:

Step 1: Click “View profile” at the bottom of this page to go to the profile selection screen.

Step 2: Android: Press and hold on your account and “Delete your account” from your device. iOS: Swipe left on your account and “Delete” your account from your device. Note: You will not lose any data or records.

Step 3: Log into your account with your email and password. You will be prompted to create a new pin.


TELUS is partnering with The Baby Box Co. to expand the Baby Box program across Canada. For questions or inquiries on the Baby Box, please email casupport@thebabyboxco.com and a representative from The Baby Box Co. will be happy to help you. You can also visit www.babyboxco.com/pages/faq for more information.


To view and edit your baby's record on another device, you can use the same account login. Download the app on the new device and log in with your original username and password. You will be asked to set up a new 4-digit PIN that will be used for the new device only. Once you have logged into your account on the new device, you will be able to view, edit, and save information to your baby’s records.

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