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"A cornerstone of the TELUS team’s passionate social purpose is our commitment to tackling the number one social challenge of our lifetime: healthcare efficiency and effectiveness. We believe improved health outcomes derive from better health information and our Consumer Health team is dedicated to providing Canadians with the tools they need to better manage their physical and mental health. We hope that you find the information and content on our site supports your wellness goals and inspires great success on your personal journey of a healthy life."

Darren Entwistle

President and CEO, TELUS

The TELUS Health story

Our journey into healthcare began with a mission to improve the lives of Canadians through the power of technology

How it began

10 years ago, TELUS made a defining decision to leverage our world-class technology to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our healthcare system.

How it evolved

Since 2008, we’ve invested more than $2 billion to tackle the #1 social challenge of our lifetime – healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

TELUS Health today

We want all Canadians to be able to lead healthy and happy lives. TELUS Health is focused on bringing our customers the solutions they want and need in order to do that.


We are revolutionizing access to healthcare to enable better health outcomes. We are deeply committed to helping make healthcare better for all Canadians.

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We’re improving access to healthcare through technology to create better health outcomes

A healthy start from day one

A healthy start from day one

New parents can track their baby's growth, milestones and health data in the easy-to-use TELUS Baby Health app. It's information all in one place that can be shared with family and doctors.

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Take advantage of our technology, TV programming and free resources to support your health needs and goals