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Health Analytics for Pharmaceutical

Healthcare business intelligence tools

Helping you make sense of data

Your focus is on valuable business intelligence. Our platform can help you make informed decisions and health investments backed by strategic advice and real-world data.

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Services for pharmaceutical and life science companies

Health analytics

Leverage our extensive reimbursement trend database for your brands' strategies and help improve your forecasting accuracy and reimbursement market potential.

Drug access and payer dynamics

Support forecasting and resource allocation with insights into drug access potential based on payer dynamics with the Population Prescription Insurance Status Model (PRISM+).

Database of drug insurance coverage statuses

Access a rich customizable database based on the Canadian population: reports at various geographic levels of claimant segments, claims trends, cost and type of plan.

Personalized health data analysis and consulting

Leverage our expertise in healthcare data and outcomes analysis to help your brand, pricing and reimbursement strategies in private and public reimbursement.

Longitudinal tracker

Benefit from a wide-ranging overview of trends over a specific time. Our breadth of data supports longitudinal analytics for publicly and privately reimbursed claims.

Weekly reporting

Get ongoing insights with our weekly measures on claimant counts, claims by brand and claim rejection statistics, as well as reports of new launches and effects of industry news.

Other healthcare business intelligence tools

For insurers and employers

Hone your plan designs with tools to conduct predictive simulations that integrate data on health claims, absenteeism and more.

For the public health sector

Access tools that link data to nationwide health objectives, helping large public sector institutions be proactive, even predictive.

Latest thinking

Get insights and ideas to inspire better care