TELUS Health Social Connect

Empower older adults with intuitive, engaging digital tools to help reduce the risk of social isolation. TELUS Health Social Connect is a user-friendly application that supports residents in their homes, in care homes and assisted living facilities.

Alleviate strain on care home staff

Social Connect enhances social support for residents allowing staff more time to focus on healthcare, and helping to address the shortage of health human resources.

Supports the mental health of seniors

An estimated 30% of Canadian seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated. Social Connect can help provide a sense of connectedness and self-reliance while reducing residents’ feelings of boredom.

Easily connect residents with loved ones

Social Connect is a flexible, easy-to-use, senior-friendly solution that helps residents stay connected to friends, family and more. Regardless of their technical ability, they can quickly learn how to independently connect to the world.


How Social Connect can support you and your care home staff

Get started, quickly and easily.

Social Connect is a turnkey solution that requires no internal IT knowledge, and no start-up overhead. Quick online training is provided.

Customize to suit your needs.

Can be customized with unique content, applications, information and virtual services or events at an institutional, group or individual level to meet your requirements.

Dig deeper with meaningful patient insights.

Real-time engagement data provides visual insights into residents’ usage behaviours, how they are interacting with others, and which features they use most to help staff optimize their programs across the entire facility.

Provide additional social support to residents.

Social Connect is a great tool to help enhance social support for residents, giving you more time to focus on providing healthcare.

Gauge residents’ well-being with daily check-ins.

Wellness check-in surveys can be scheduled to assess the mental well-being of residents daily. Residents can respond with the touch of a button. Wellness trends can be established over time.

How Social Connect can benefit care home residents

One-touch actions easily connect residents to loved ones.

User-friendly features like one-touch video calling, messaging and photo sharing make it easy for older adults to connect and communicate with loved ones, strengthening their support networks.

Engaging activities help reduce loneliness and boredom.

Targeted, entertaining activities such as games, movies and music help to boost mood, alleviate feelings of isolation, and encourage independence and self-confidence.

Virtual group events help make residents feel more involved.

Group sessions and custom events such as virtual religious services, group bingo, weddings and family gatherings help to create a sense of connectedness, and personalize resident experiences.

Easy, intuitive interface minimizes tech intimidation.

Simplified, intuitive software allows residents to confidently use TELUS Health Social Connect to stay connected digitally - regardless of their technical ability.


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