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Personal Health Records

PHRs are user-friendly, online solutions that give patients a way to manage their own health information. A self-controlled snapshot of an individual’s health record, Canadians with a PHR can add such information as their birth date, emergency contacts, health history, and lists of allergies, conditions and chronic diseases.

Easy to use by patients and providers

The PHR allows for anytime, anywhere access to the personal health record via the web using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Enhanced collaboration

The PHR allows for one or two-way data sharing between health professionals and patients. Both patients and health professionals can choose which data is shared.

Easy to create and customize

Using the IPHR Toolkit, we can easily create and customise a PHR solution that meets the needs of your organisation, the profile of the population it serves and also the objectives of the initiative.


Halle's story

"The Bant app that I have on my phone, it logs all of my readings for breakfast, lunch and dinner... it’s taking some of the weight off your shoulders.”

Halle’s story, patient using TELUS Personal Health Record


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