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Home Health Monitoring

HHM enables patients with severe chronic diseases or conditions to monitor health factors from the comfort of their homes and share this information electronically with health professionals. Tracking the patients’ results regularly, the healthcare team can adjust treatments as required.

Increased patient satisfaction and overall quality of care

Remaining at home, closer interaction with health professionals, reduced anxiety as well as fewer emergency-room visits and hospital stays all contribute to patient satisfaction.

Significant reduction of hospitalizations

By allowing the discharge of certain patients, HHM contributes to lowering hospital admissions*.

Increased healthcare team productivity and collaboration

The HHM solution enables more evidence-based care and more efficient patient case management for more patients. Each healthcare professional can support a much larger group of patients.

TELUS’ Home Health Monitoring can help relieve pressure on our healthcare system during COVID-19.

The TELUS Health Home Health Monitoring (HHM) program supports COVID-19 screening and monitoring, chronic disease management and preventive care, palliative care, surgical care and many other pathways. HHM’s web-based technology allows greater patient access on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Our clinical dashboard allows monitoring of high patient volumes for early response, improving patient health and preventing unnecessary acute care visits.

Home Health Monitoring experiences

HHM is an innovative technology

HHM is a transformative virtual care technology, delivering clinical monitoring services to patients from the comfort of their homes.

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The relevance of Home Heath Monitoring is recognized. Here’s what's being said:

“Home Health Monitoring (HHM) technology presents an important opportunity to reduce readmissions, particularly for patients with chronic conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), diabetes or congestive heart failure.”

Canadian Healthcare Technologies

“Telehomecare has definitely improved my quality of life. I feel like my nurse is there with me every day," she says. "I have personally learned a lot in the process like understanding the impact that managing my diet, exercising and thinking positively can have on my health.”

Hospital News

* For patients in the BC Island Health Authority’s HHM program, hospital admissions dropped by 90% for heart failure patients and 67% for COPD patients.


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