Dedicated to advancing mental health and wellness

Enable access to resources for Canada’s frontline

Espri by TELUS health is a mobile app that enables organizations to support members with targeted mental health resources. Developed with the guidance of occupation-focused clinicians, Espri provides a unique combination of tools to support prevention, timely access to help in times of crisis and overall mental wellness.

Provide mental wellness content and resources

Share mobile friendly mental health articles to your organization specific to their occupational challenges.

Help your team build resilience

Help your team build good habits essential for wellness and learn to better manage stress.

Extend resources to family and loved ones

Frontline families can access content, resources and even group video sessions just for them.

Espri addresses the varied and unique needs of Canada’s frontline workers

Emergency Medical Services

Support your emergency team members with a mobile app offering goal-setting tools, support resources and group education or counselling sessions.

Law Enforcement

Support police and correctional officers with access to targeted content, tools and support resources while protecting their privacy and anonymity.


Taking into account the unique stressors they face in their work, Espri offers content and tools to support mental health and wellness topics such as burnout.


Stress is a real challenge for firefighters. Espri helps overcome barriers to accessing mental health and wellness resources like stigma and the demands of shift work.

Don’t see your industry?

Espri can be tailored to the unique mental health and wellness priorities of any organization.


Here’s what Espri can do for your team

Access to relevant and clinically-informed content

The Learn resource hub offers quick access to helpful occupation-specific content including articles, podcasts or videos. Supports organizations in sharing new content immediately with frontline workers.

Resilience tools for building wellness habits

Designed with first responders and psychologists, My Plan supports building positive habits through goal-setting. Easily promote team resilience, healthy habit building and behavioural activation within your organization.

Group video for education or counselling sessions

Sessions, an integrated group video feature, lets organizations host education, fitness, therapeutic group support, critical incident debriefs, orientations, mentoring, or peer support online - no additional software needed!

One-touch access to crisis support

Get Support gives frontline workers one-click access to an organization’s support resources, such as crisis lines, employee and family assistance programs, critical incident stress programs and healthcare professionals.

Connections to peer support

Peer Support facilitates connections with an organizations’ Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)/Peer Support team. Enhance accessibility to peer support for frontline workers, and allow peer supporters to set their availability and manage support requests.

Targeted clinical resources

Espri offers occupationally-aware mental health and wellness resources including education sessions facilitated by TELUS Health clinicians and articles that focus on mental wellness topics for frontline workers and their families.

Get access to Calm

We’ve partnered with Calm, the leading app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. Espri users get a complimentary 3 month subscription.


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