Patient support

Helping Canadians take an active role in their own health

Helping you engage your patients

Our focus is on improving the patient experience and health outcomes through digital health solutions that empower Canadians to take an active role in their own health. Together, we can transform Canadian healthcare.

Solutions for enhanced patient engagement

Home Health Monitoring (HHM)

Enable patients to monitor their own health metrics at home and share this information electronically with their physicians and other healthcare providers.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Patients can view, manage and track the information in their health record, encouraging self-care, better sharing of information and collaboration across care teams.

Breaking Free

A scalable, cost-effective digital solution that can help improve treatment access and outcomes for people addressing their problematic alcohol and substance use.

Social Connect

Empower older adults with intuitive, engaging digital tools to help reduce the risk of social isolation.

Consumer Health

See how TELUS Health is empowering Canadians to lead healthier lives through solutions and technology that offer information and support.

Espri (mental health application)

Enable your frontline workers with timely and convenient access to mental health and wellness resources specifically designed for their profession.

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Canadians trust the TELUS Personal Health Record.


years of experience delivering full service home health monitoring in Canada.

Healthcare human resources challenges: TELUS Health solutions

Discover how digital health solutions can empower patients and help improve health system efficiency.