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Clinical information system

Consolidate patient history with Oacis

Get the most timely and accurate patient data at your fingertips. The Open Architecture Clinical Information System (Oacis) gathers data from across different systems and transports it into one central repository.

With Oacis, healthcare professionals can:

Easily maintain patient files

Save patient information directly in the system. All comments, results and actions are tracked to ensure traceability and accuracy.

Get quick and easy access to information

Quickly access data to help make the best decisions. No need to wait for a patient file to be delivered, or to comb through multiple systems to collect relevant information.

Electronically submit orders

Transmit information to radiologists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Send orders for medication, laboratory tests, medical imaging, and more.


Clinical viewer to streamline workflow

  • Immediately upon sign-in, health providers see a dynamic patient list that uses visual cues to guide them to the most urgent care situation.
  • Bringing together a myriad of data and organizing it into logical, actionable information, patient summaries offer clinicians a complete view of a patient’s condition, status, treatment plan, test results and more.
  • Clinicians can access comprehensive reports and images that are made available within the clinical viewer, including scanned documents and comprehensive graphs and trending views
  • By clicking on an item within the system, clinicians can drill down into a deeper level of granularity – based on specific service areas – to focus in on key care aspects.

Clinical documentation to facilitate information sharing

  • Clinicians can enter key medical information they wish to share with other caregivers involved in the execution of the care plan into the electronic patient file.
  • Vital signs and information relative to allergies are some of the patient information which can be documented by clinicians into Oacis.
  • Oacis allows for nursing and interdisciplinary care plan creation and follow-up based on the evolution of the patient’s condition.

Electronic order-entry management: the ultimate goal

  • Orders management is available through OACIS for laboratory, digital imagery and pharmacy.
  • The electronic order management process helps increase efficiencies in the healthcare organization and helps prevent errors and duplications of tests.
  • Results following the orders are automatically documented within Oacis and made available to the entire care team.

Open architecture

Built on open architecture, Oacis – which stands for Open Architecture Clinical Information System – has the advantage of being flexible and capable of adapting to most specific requirements and standards of a hospital, a clinic, a community care center or the regional health authority.

Doctors using the TELUS KinLogix EMR can access patient information in Oacis

Physicians using the KinLogix EMR in a publicly-run clinic can access the full patient information that was collected in the Oacis patient file following a hospital visit. They can view lab results, medication summary, the discharge summary from the hospital, and much more, helping them make the right decisions.

Learn more about KinLogix EMR


Here’s what Oacis can do for you

Centralize patient data

Give healthcare professionals access to comprehensive patient summaries that provide a complete view of a patient’s condition, status, treatment plan, test results and more.

Operate more efficiently

Access functionalities to improve workflows, including personalized notifications and escalation parameters, as well as a validation process for prescribed tests.

Support medication administration

Support drug or medication administration and documentation during pharmacy off-hours. Oacis will display and alert healthcare professionals of the next time a patient needs medication.

Tailor the system to support your needs

Easily configure Oacis to a variety of uses thanks to its open architecture system. You can pick from a variety of modules, from clinical documentation of interdisciplinary care plans to order management features and more.


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