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Mental health and addictions services

B Care software for patient support

Benefit from an advanced clinical documentation and client case management solution for inpatient, outpatient and community-based programs. B Care gives healthcare professionals access to client information across multiple encounters to help them make informed decisions.

Support seamless continuity of care

Chart the client story throughout the treatment journey with a longitudinal record of client information.

Get a comprehensive solution

Understand the unique clinical and service challenges associated with managing complex patients and clients.

See the full picture

Manage assessments and care records for mental health and addictions treatment providers.

A platform composed of many modules

B Care is a cohesive solution that integrates a variety of modules that you can pick and choose from to support quality patient and client care.


Clinical Documentation & Assessment (Core System)

  • Add or customize an assessment or form to better suit the needs of your multidisciplinary setting
  • Drive protocols and populate a care plan as responses are documented
  • Configure B Care to support the needs of clients including: referral or intake assessments, most standardized assessments (RAI-ChYMH, RAI-MH, RAI-CMH, etc.), progress assessments, quality of life or wellness assessments and other custom assessments

Progress/Case Notes

  • Support multidisciplinary documentation about a consultation, event or situation
  • Read existing notes, add new notes in structured or free form, or correct existing notes
  • Set up case notes in many formats (e.g. DARP, DEAR, SOAP, SBAR, etc.)

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT)

  • Provide up-to-the-minute tracking and management of all activities from the moment a client enters the organization
  • Understand the movements and the composition of the client population
  • Facilitate the case management process, resource utilization and healthcare provider productivity
  • Track, flag and identify admission, registrations, discharges or transfers through client search filters or in reports

Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

  • Benefit from a central repository of key data about individuals receiving services including:
    • Client demographics (personal details, next of kin, addresses, etc.)
    • Health card number, alternate payment client identification number, chart or unique identifier number
    • Legal status management

Client Contacts & MIS Reporting

  • Manage, track and report client-specific contacts with the care team
  • Include group session interaction, non-client specific contacts such as family members and associated notes for the interaction
  • Manage MIS (Management Information System) reporting to Ministries of Health or other agencies if necessary with an included workload component

Daily Sheet (Multi-Client Flow Sheet charting)

  • Record information on multiple patients within a single screen without having to separately search and access each patient’s chart
  • Use it to record information on a group of patients within a given timeframe

Medication Tracker

  • Provide clinicians with the ability to manage and track medications that a client is currently using at each visit
  • Allow clinicians to classify medications as Contraindicated or Blacklisted if a specific medication has had an adverse effect on the client

Advanced Care Planning

  • Generate personalized care plans based on assessments or forms for each client
  • Include predefined or custom goals and interventions to support your practice. Care plan pathways can be based on presenting problems highlighted by CAPs (Care Assessment Protocols)


  • Benefit from a full-featured, web-based solution that requires no software installation on user workstations
  • Fulfill and validate orders completely online at the facility, ward or patient level
  • The solution can help reduce medication dispensing errors, support timely administration of medications, and provide medication reconciliation upon admission and discharge

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

  • Support medication and treatment management process from order capture through to administration
  • Access a drug catalogue, medication inventory, vitals capture and reporting


  • Get a calendar view of appointments
  • Schedule single, ad hoc or recurring appointments

Referrals and Waitlist Management

  • Manage patient referrals and waitlists
  • Attach documents and clinical information (referral documentation, testing results, community care records) to the patient file for a comprehensive patient record

Synoptic Reporting

  • Create, store and manage custom template driven documents
  • Use predefined templates to automatically populate data from B Care to generate various letters, reports and summaries

Decision Support and Corporate Reporting

  • Easily access complete publishing, business intelligence and enterprise reporting through B Informed, B Care’s application
  • Generate reports within B Care without having to sign into a separate system

What you’ll love about it

  • Allows authorized professionals across all settings to have access to each patient’s longitudinal record
  • Charts the patient’s journey of care across all settings and programs, supporting continuity of care and outcome goals
  • Includes many fully integrated features to support quality patient care and help reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a task
  • Can be configured to work with the user’s workflow making it easy to use
  • Provides alerts of required tasks
  • Presents only the information that is relevant to the particular user
  • Manage task completion and progress with features such as validation, alerts and flagging

Reporting - Open Data Model

B Care utilizes SQL Server for its database layer, an industry standard and common relational database management system (RDBMS). The database schema is open, making it ideal for customizable and ad hoc reporting.

The B Care Integration Engine

The solution includes bi-directional integration to support interoperability between a variety of third party software systems, additional standards and protocols including: HL7 V2.x, CCD, Web Services, and S/FTP.

Privacy and Security

Because B Care platform maintains strong physical, network and process security measures supporting protection of personal health information (PHI) and compliance with PHIPAA and HIPAA, it has received certification from Infoway and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).


Here’s what B Care can do for you

Improve organization-wide communication

Benefit from powerful information-sharing and team-planning capabilities, designed to service multidisciplinary teams and to improve collaboration among providers.

Provide patient and client-centric care

Generate individualized care plans driven by data from assessments, configurable electronic forms, documentation and evidence-based assessment protocols.

Make informed decisions

Offer care teams the access to information they need to support timely decisions. B Care provides a longitudinal account of patient and client information.


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Simplify coordination and scheduling

Access powerful and intelligent workflow tools for managing the request and scheduling of both in-person and virtual services.

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