Mental health and addictions services

B Care software for patient support

Benefit from an advanced clinical documentation and client case management solution for inpatient, outpatient and community-based programs. B Care gives healthcare professionals access to client information across multiple encounters to help them make informed decisions.

Support seamless continuity of care

Chart the client story throughout the treatment journey with a longitudinal record of client information.

Get a comprehensive solution

Understand the unique clinical and service challenges associated with managing complex patients and clients.

See the full picture

Manage assessments and care records for mental health and addictions treatment providers.

A platform composed of many modules

B Care is a cohesive solution that integrates a variety of modules that you can pick and choose from to support quality patient and client care.


Here’s what B Care can do for you

Improve organization-wide communication

Benefit from powerful information-sharing and team-planning capabilities, designed to service multidisciplinary teams and to improve collaboration among providers.

Provide patient and client-centric care

Generate individualized care plans driven by data from assessments, configurable electronic forms, documentation and evidence-based assessment protocols.

Make informed decisions

Offer care teams the access to information they need to support timely decisions. B Care provides a longitudinal account of patient and client information.


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Simplify coordination and scheduling

Access powerful and intelligent workflow tools for managing the request and scheduling of both in-person and virtual services.

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