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Customizable electronic claims processing

Solutions for Workers’ Compensation Boards

Benefit from solutions that can help increase efficiency and improve quality of service provided to both injured workers and healthcare providers.

Streamline operations

Provide a space for online submission of reports, referrals and bills, allowing healthcare providers and adjudicators to access the same information.

Enhance service for injured workers

Provide more support to injured workers, to help them get healthy and back on the job more rapidly.

Expedite healthcare provider payments

Speed up the payment process to healthcare professionals, and avoid delays caused by paperwork.

Two solutions powered by TELUS Health

We currently offer digital solutions to streamline the claims process for workers’ compensation boards in Ontario and British Columbia.


How WSIB eServices work

  • TELUS Health works closely with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board to provide Ontario’s 27,000 healthcare and medical practitioners with a web-enabled health bill management solution
  • WSIB eServices offers a faster, more consistent process for submitting health bills and managing plans for injured workers than traditional paper processes
  • Payments to all Ontario healthcare professionals working with the WSIB are processed by TELUS Health
  • While the WSIB continues to adjudicate entitlement to benefits, TELUS Health manages the processing of these payments faster than traditional paper processes


Key features of WSIB eServices


The Bill Submission Service allows health and non-health providers to submit, void and update bills electronically. Payments are made to the provider’s bank account via electronic funds transfer (EFT). They can view electronic remittance statements and follow up on bill payment status.

eProvider Reporting (including eForm8)

eProvider Reporting is a no-additional-cost opportunity for providers to submit reports (Forms 8, 26 and FAF) to the WSIB electronically. A bill is automatically generated when a report is received, which saves time compared to a manual paper process. Providers can check their bill payment status with the Healthcare Bill Submission Inquiry feature.

Specialty Clinic Referral (SC Referral)

When the WSIB determines that an injured worker fits the criteria for a referral to a Specialty Clinic (SC), an SC referral is completed and sent to the appropriate clinic. This application enables the SC to electronically acknowledge the referral, manage the appointments, submit assessments, and create interim and discharge reports.

Physician Referral

This application facilitates management of the physician case file review process, including online work allocation and assignment, online submission of physician reports and tracking of work activities.


How the WorkSafeBC Provider Portal works

  • Helps injured workers in British Columbia receive faster referrals to local healthcare resources
  • Features a broad database of accredited healthcare providers throughout British Columbia, simplifying the referral process for injured workers
  • Caseworkers can easily search the members-only database to find the right healthcare professional in the right area, so an injured worker can start treatment faster and get back to work sooner
  • Simplifies workflows through online submission of treatment reports and invoices, as well as electronic claim submission to streamline the reimbursement process

Here’s what these solutions can do for you

Improve patient participation

Encourage injured workers to improve their health and their productivity. Our research shows that reimbursement at the point of care has an impact on patients respecting their treatment(1).

Reduce out-of-pocket costs for injured workers

Cut down out-of-pocket expenses for injured workers by giving providers a quick, seamless process for submitting health bills on behalf of patients.

Cut down on paperwork

Benefit from a seamless electronic claims process that is customizable and efficient. No need to manually complete forms or send information by mail.


(1) This study was performed by TELUS Health. Results were obtained with 1,500 individual clients who had received treatment at one of 12 Physio Extra clinics in the greater Montréal area. Clients who benefited from eClaims booked 9% more follow-up appointments (2016). See the case study for more details.

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