TELUS Health Wellbeing

Create a thriving culture

Provide your workforce with the tools to be the best version of themselves and the opportunity to build meaningful connections with each other.

Connect and engage employees

TELUS Health Wellbeing solution is a digital health platform designed to help employees embrace wellbeing and improve their overall health; powered by machine learning and real-time insights and analytics.

Attract and retain talent

Create a thriving culture

Let TELUS Health Wellbeing help you develop work-life balance strategies that may help attract and retain your top talent. Our technology gamifies the wellness experience, keeping your employees engaged while delivering the benefits your workforce is looking for in order to help them feel and perform at their best.

Benefits that work

At any time, 50% of employees are looking for their next job.  Keep your top performers by investing in what matters most to them. With 4 out of 5 employees looking for improved perks and benefits over a pay increase, corporate wellness saves you both time and money.

Your behaviour change experts

Healthy habits are not just a one-time deal. Our Wellbeing platform is based on the COM-B model with scientifically backed and industry-tested features designed to educate, engage and inspire your workforce for lasting behaviour change.

Help increase productivity

How much is employee absenteeism costing your business?

Employee absenteeism is costing you more than you realize. Health-related absenteeism is costing employers approximately $16 billion in revenue each year and negatively impacts your organization’s work culture and morale.

A healthy workforce is more productive.

Absenteeism is 27% lower for employees who eat nutritiously and exercise regularly.  Our goals and challenges take away the barriers to success to get everyone moving towards their best version of themselves.

Being present and engaged.

Disengaged employees compromise the safety, productivity and morale of your business and can cost 3x that of absenteeism. Discover why your workforce is disengaged, and start providing the tools to build a culture of healthy and committed employees.

Help improve company culture

Engage employees

Burnout is on the rise

Top HR priority

Help reduce healthcare costs

Health care costs are rising

Healthy employees help boost the health of your bottom line. Sedentary behaviour, lifestyle-driven chronic disease and mounting stress cost employers billions of dollars in decreased productivity, workdays lost and rising healthcare costs. How much are you spending each year?

Help reduce preventable diseases

80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented or better managed through improved lifestyle choices.  Do your employees have the tools to ensure a healthier tomorrow? TELUS Health Wellbeing is built to take your employees from education to action.

Insights into action

Insights into the health objectives and concerns of your workforce, combined with real-time data analytics and the ability to target user segments keeps your wellness program dynamic, effective and engaging.

Central wellbeing hub

Leverage the TELUS Health ecosystem

Enhance the continuum of employee care with TELUS Health solutions built to deliver the best in virtual care. Health and benefits management solutions for your team include an integrated suite of virtual health and wellness solutions designed for employees, including 24/7 primary care, LifeJourney (EAP) and guided learning online therapy (dCBT).

Centralized wellbeing hub

You have taken the important step of investing in benefits for your employees. Does your workforce know what’s available? Centralize every wellness initiative and accelerate program adoption.

Partners portal

Discover the power of the partner portal, your administrative tool for creating, managing and analyzing your wellness program.  Gain access to aggregate reporting for a comprehensive overview of your members' health and wellness, allowing you to design the most effective wellness programs imaginable.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

Solutions that work for you.

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TELUS Health Virtual Care

On-demand accessible, compassionate and quality physical and mental healthcare for your employees.


Learn more about how TELUS Health Wellbeing can help engage and energize your employees by identifying, motivating and rewarding health behaviours.

TELUS Health LifeJourney™

Our all-in-one employee assistance program designed for today’s employees and their families.

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