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Online benefits enrolment for employers


Flexit360 by TELUS Health makes benefits enrolment and administration easy for you and your team. Our web-based interface allows convenient and comprehensive access to your group benefits plans. With Flexit360 you can:

Empower employees to make informed benefit decisions and actively engage them in the enrolment process. Employees can choose, understand, and submit benefit changes and requests when and where it’s most convenient.

Integrate easily with existing systems. Flexit360 works with many payroll, HR management systems and insurers, reducing missed information or incorrect calculations.

Take advantage of an intuitive interface. Help reduce downtime and the need for employee training thanks to our user-friendly SaaS interface.


Your one-stop online shop for benefits management

Flexit360 provides a benefits management system that supports enrolments,

Automated payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and carrier/insurance feeds. Manage your company’s benefits plans, whether traditional or flexible, and help boost employee loyalty.

How it works

Flexit360 is an online benefits administration system, including an employee enrolment tool, hosted by TELUS Health. We have over a decade of experience in developing traditional and customizable configurations which allow us to meet the needs of most benefit plans on the market.

What you’ll love about it

  • Reduces missed information or incorrect calculations with its easy interface.
  • Plugs in to many internal systems including human resource management systems (HRIS) and payroll.
  • Creates automatic adjustments when adding or terminating employees, updating employee information, moving employees between divisions, and changing eligibility requirements.
  • Has the ability to offer optional products like life insurance, critical illness, AD&D and other non-insurance related offerings.
  • Helps employees make choices that suit their situation with its easy to understand information.
  • Empowers employees to understand their benefits, as well as easily change coverage, add or change dependants and beneficiaries.
  • Allows employees to download or print current benefit coverage booklets and plans, dental and health claim forms, and travel insurance forms.


Benefits Plan Configuration: Flexit360 is highly configurable. We can analyze your requirements and work with you to facilitate the implementation of your plan design.

Implementation: Take advantage of our extensive experience in: initial implementation, developing standard operating procedures, training, integration with legacy systems, and project planning for re-enrolment activities.


Here’s what Flexit360 can do for you

Empower employees

Flexit360 helps employees make informed benefit decisions and actively engages them in the enrolment process. Employees are able to choose, understand, and submit benefit changes and requests when and where it’s most convenient.

Streamline benefits administration

With Flexit360, you can count on one tool to take care of a multitude of tasks. The web-based solution lets you add an employee, update their information and more.

Manage most benefits plans

Flexit360 can help manage a wide variety of benefit plans, including traditional, traditional with optional benefits, standard core plus options, flex, or modular.


Employee benefits plan management


Flexit360 makes benefit selection and administration easy for your team. It also supports your efforts to boost employee satisfaction, engagement, benefits understanding and loyalty.

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