Personalized support for your pharmacy management solution transition

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TELUS Health is committed to working with your pharmacy to facilitate the migration of your solution. As soon as the process begins, a multidisciplinary team of experts will help you with the different facets of the transition.

Personalized support for a smooth transition

Defining the transition process

Benefit from a transition process adapted to the reality of your pharmacy. A technological analyst and training specialist will assess your operations and recommend the best approach.

Preparing for migration

Get recommendations on how to prepare your team. We will analyze your data and coordinate the technical aspects using a replica of your work environment in our systems. This will enable us to conduct any necessary prior testing.

Team training

Access material online in preparation for in-person training with one of our experts. Individual sessions for each team member may also be planned to give everyone the opportunity to put their new skills to task. Our comprehensive training program offers all the tools you need to get the most out of Ubik.

Using Ubik at your pharmacy

Benefit from personal coaching from one of our experts during your transition.

For a smooth transition

Receive daily feedback from a specialized implementation consultant. Our expert will know how to answer your questions and share tips on how to simplify the transition process.

Continuous support

Access telephone or chat support to get quick answers to your questions. You can also consult our integrated support modules to learn more and keep abreast of the latest updates.

Ubik at its best

Get the most out of a solution that offers the features you need as your pharmacy evolves.

See the TELUS Health support team at work

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Outstanding service

Through proactive equipment monitoring, call reviews, communications and chat, the TELUS Health team is committed to offering an outstanding service to pharmacists.

Video presented on this page is available in French only.

A proven transition process


We will analyze your data to identify aspects that could impact the transition process. We will then provide recommendations for your team.


Our experience with more than 225 transitions has enabled us to refine our implementation methods and consider each pharmacy’s unique reality. Our objective is to offer you the best possible experience with minimal impact for your operations.

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Technical support

TELUS Health Community Portal (for Ubik clients)

Access and FAQ section and training documents, or chat with other pharmacists.