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Ubik holds the limelight for being flexible and user-friendly

Managing your pharmacy’s operations has never been easier! Ubik’s simplicity makes it easy for you to master the solution, which is designed to operate in cloud mode or on a traditional local server. Cloud mode allows you to concentrate on patient care while TELUS Health handles your servers, licenses, updates and backups.

Prescription management

Manage prescriptions efficiently. Easily locate your patient’s file with the smart search feature, and quickly enter the information using advanced functions. Recent prescribers and those on file are automatically displayed to accelerate selection.

Clinical monitoring

Benefit from a tool that adapts to the ever-evolving role of pharmacists with access to clinical patient information documentation. Clinical notes are also included, which are authenticated and dated, enabling you to comply with the new practice standards.

Collaborative work

Make multitasking easier with Ubik. Pharmacists can review operations at a glance, thanks to the full traceability of actions and quick transitions between users. Laboratory team members can move from one workstation to another and resume a session.


"We're fortunate that our simulation labs are equipped with a software application provided by TELUS Health, which helps us learn how to be better pharmacists."

Simon Landry Bélanger, doctoral student, pharmacy program - Université Laval

“The clinical side of Ubik is highly evolved. It’s quick and easy for opinions and notes.”

Martin Beaucage, Pharmacist-owner - Uniprix Gatineau

“Ubik lets us save time, which means we can spend more time with our patients!”

Danh Pham, Pharmacist-owner – Proxim Montréal

“I would never use any other software. Ubik is complete.”

Mélissa Loisel, Pharmacist – Uniprix Bonaventure

Videos presented on this page are available in French only.


Ubik streamlines the management of your pharmacy operations

Choose a next-generation system

Rely on a solution that keeps up with the latest trends in software development from both a visual and a cloud technology perspective. Ubik complies with the pharmaceutic practice standards in effect. Get a better overview of files, facilitate collaboration and optimize your processes while reducing paper consumption.

Learn quickly and effectively

Thanks to the Ubik’s user-friendly icons and interface, you will benefit from an enhanced user experience. The mouse, keyboard quick keys, and touch screen give you several work options.

Keep abreast of changes made to files

The traceability of the data entered in Ubik allows you to follow up on actions including the date, time and the name of the person in charge. Whether it’s for a change in insurance, a renewal, a change to a generic drug, everything is recorded. Activity history is easily accessible.


Our solutions are evolving to better serve you

Explore the new possibilities offered by Ubik to facilitate patient interactions and optimize your daily operations (video available in French only).


Add complementary tools to Ubik

Synchronize prescription renewal

Prescription renewal manager allows you to synchronize patient prescriptions renewals on a given date.

Send your renewal requests

This service allows you to send requests using your pharmacy management solution. The attending physician will receive it in his or her electronic medical record (EMR) and will reply electronically.

Watch the “Ubik guided tour” webinar recording

This webinar presents an overview of Ubik and its most commonly used features (available in French only).


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