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Virtual Consultation for pharmacists

It’s a new time for care delivery. Pharmacists are being challenged to find alternative ways to connect with their patients. Virtual Consultation lets you consult with your patients remotely through video, audio and chat - right from your Kroll system.

Deliver a positive experience

Patients receive an email or text with a link for one-click access plus instructions to pre-test their configuration and prepare for the consultation. Chat feature assists with communication clarity.

Protect patient privacy

Virtual Consultation transmissions are encrypted using industry-recognized protocols. No personal data, like contact or login information, is displayed or remains on the device.

Initiate virtual patient consultations easily - right from your Kroll system

More personal and interactive than a phone call, Virtual Consultation lets you see visual cues to help confirm a patient’s understanding. Medication packaging can be viewed for clear identification.

Consult with your patients remotely

Initiate virtual patient consultations easily - right from your Kroll system.

Virtual Consultation is an intuitive, Kroll-integrated tool with full video, audio and chat capabilities. It is more personal than a phone call, can help to shorten line-ups due to reduced patient time at the pharmacy counter, and lessens the risk of exposure to contagious diseases for your pharmacy team and your patients.

An effective alternative to in-pharmacy consultations.

Consult with patients on prescription use, conduct a medication review (where applicable), address patient concerns and provide training for medical devices remotely when face-to-face consultations are not ideal. A virtual consultation appointment can be booked when:

  • Medications are delivered to the patient's home

  • Vulnerable patients are unable to come into pharmacy

  • Patient prescriptions are picked up by a friend, caregiver or relative

  • The pharmacist is busy, or patients don’t have time for an in-pharmacy consultation


Consult with your patients remotely

Looking for a safe, effective alternative to in-pharmacy consultations?

Virtual Consultation lets you consult with your patients remotely - right from your Kroll pharmacy management system.


Virtual Consultation supports your pharmacy practice

Book consultations easily

  • Schedule virtual consultations from your Kroll calendar in the same way you book in-pharmacy or phone consultations.

Consult on most pharmacy needs

  • Conduct virtual consultations for new medications, follow-ups, allergies, training for use of medical devices, health coaching and prescriptions for minor ailments and medication reviews (where applicable).

Connect in a variety of ways

  • Pharmacists and patients can use a computer with a camera and microphone, or a smartphone or tablet.
  • Consult using video, audio and chat features to assist with communication clarity.

Help improve comprehension

  • See visual cues like facial expressions or nodding to help confirm patient’s understanding.
  • View medication packaging for clear identification and to help reduce errors.
  • Caregivers and family members can participate to assist patient.

Read about the latest healthcare trends

Tips to make the most out of virtual consultations.


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