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Pharma Space

Increase customer loyalty and simplify the renewal process by giving your patients the power to manage their medications.
Improve your effectiveness and reduce workload pressure by receiving renewal requests in advance.
Improve customer satisfaction by allowing patients to submit their prescription renewal requests online in advance.
See how the application is used to collect information on your patients’ needs and identify new opportunities.

Video testimonials by pharmacists using Pharma Space

See how Pharma Space helps pharmacists
Video summary of the Pharma Space benefits for pharmacists and patients.

Discover the benefits of Pharma Space

Simplify communications with your patients

Communicate with your patients via an online portal that transparently integrates into your pharmacy management system. The user-friendly interface allows patients to consult their medication profile and submit or even automate prescription renewal requests online.

Improve patient care

Improve patient drug adherence by allowing your patients to manage their prescription renewal requests and view their medication profiles online. Your patients can even allow their family members and healthcare professionals to access their personal profiles. Reminders can be configured to make sure prescriptions are always refilled on time.

Reinforce your online presence

Use your online portal to create a customized page for your pharmacy. Or, if you already have a website, integrate a customized Pharma Space portal into your website page so patients can access their medication records and submit their prescription renewal requests online.

Prepare new prescriptions in advance

Fill new prescriptions for your patients before they come to your pharmacy. With Pharma Space, your patients can send a picture of their prescription or any other document, such as lab results, to your pharmacy using the “New prescription” functionality. You will receive the request directly in your pharmacy management solution.

A proven and respected solution

“With our Santé site, Brunet offers its patients a variety of professional services among the most personalized in Quebec. TELUS Pharma Space makes it possible to connect Brunet pharmacists with their patients and serve them better, no matter where and at any time.”
Luc Martinovitch
Vice-President and CEO - McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique inc.
“Pharma Space provides a new way to present drug information, which in turn allows us to ensure sound operations management and focus on ways to offer the patients in our community even better services, all while staying in line with our budget.”
Ron Mack
Owner, Manager and Pharmacist - Brunskill Pharmacy

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