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Minor Ailments

It's now possible in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and gradually to other Canadian provinces: prescribe for minor ailments (along with Contraception prescribing in British Columbia) directly from Kroll with the help of a clinical decision support tool, pre-populated prescriptions and fee-for-service claims, legal compliance assistance and auto-generated documentation.

Prescribe safely from within Kroll

Access Minor Ailments module from a single point-of-entry, and prescribe from within Kroll. Data is safely transmitted and records are stored in Kroll. One-time data entry helps reduce the risk of error.

Gain efficiency with automated workflows

Kroll auto-generates prescriptions, fee-for-service claims and pre-populates prescriber and patient documents, helping you save time. Documents are automatically saved and can be easily printed.

Make clinical decisions with confidence

The dynamic form adapts as you select options, and proposes actions that comply with regulations. Updates are made to the patient file and all documentation is saved in the professional services record.


Here’s what Minor Ailments can do for you

Prescribe efficiently from within Kroll

  • Perform all tasks within Kroll - without switching between tools or relying on paper
  • Prescriptions as well as fee-for-service claims are auto-generated and necessary documents are pre-populated and automatically saved
  • One-time data entry helps minimize the risk of error

Be sure with clinical decision support tool

  • Support tool powered by RxConsultAction by Vigilance Santé
  • Vigilance Santé’s team of pharmacists evaluated numerous Canadian resources to develop the algorithm
  • Dynamic form offers step-by-step direction and adapts to recommend appropriate actions based on selections
Learn more about RxConsultAction

Comply with legal obligations

  • All documentation created is in compliance with regulatory framework
  • Documentation is stored within Kroll, making it easily accessible and printable if an external partner requires it
  • The module is currently built to support Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta legislation and plans to evolve as other provincial legislative requirements are confirmed

Access pre-created documents

  • Required patient and professional documents and prescription records are automatically created in Kroll
  • Fee-for-service claims following a minor ailment consultation are pre-populated to help speed up the processing
  • Physician and patient documentation is automatically saved and can be printed as required

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