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Streamline your pharmacy logistics

Integrated management tools for your operations

Make the most of effective management tools to simplify your pharmacy operations. Assyst Point-of-Sale centralizes transaction data, prices and orders, while Accounts Receivable collects accounting information for easy monitoring.


Assyst Point-of-Sale

Improved efficiency

A simple cash system

Assyst Point-of-Sale is an evolutionary, user-friendly computerized cash system that allows you to record transactions and effectively manage your data. Having your data centralized helps in streamlining your operations.

  • Centralize your orders, accounts receivable and cash registers

  • Maintain an accurate history of transactions using a scanner and improve stock turnover

  • Improve price management and the quality of pharmacy displays by eliminating the need for individualized product labelling


Accounts receivable

Monitoring made easy

A reliable accounting solution

The Accounts Receivable module centralizes the data you need to your monitor cash flow. Eliminate the need for an external accounting software program and integrate Assyst Point-of-Sale into your TELUS Health pharmacy management solution or point-of-sale solution.

  • Automatically collect required information and reduce the risk of human error

  • Provide patients with detailed account statements

  • Manage charges for organizations, households and third-party payers

  • Facilitates communication with wholesalers. Enables the electronic transfer of orders and invoices, and product database updates.
  • Simplifies communication with your banner. Enables the banner to manage the product database remotely and electronically submit any necessary changes.
  • Automatically manages prices and promotions at the cash register.
  • Ensures the supervision and management of cash flow and allows for electronic transfers to an accounting system.
  • Controls your transactions by restricting certain operations according to different permission levels.
  • Complies with PCI data security standards for credit and debit cards, as well as PayPass.
  • Automates repetitive tasks such as labelling and office work.
  • Saves all payment and patient account data directly in the application.
  • Reduces the risk of human error by automatically recording information w hen connected to your pharmacy management solution.

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