Network service for Canadian pharmacies

Assyst Network Plus

Transmit adjudication and transactional data to other pharmacies or to health partners from all workstations. Assyst Network Plus supports your pharmacy’s efficiency with a dedicated, high-speed private network and a back-up cellular connection in case of internet outage.

Connect on the go

Enjoy connectivity at the pharmacy, at home or on the go. Assyst Network Plus offers remote access, so you can connect with other pharmacies and partners from your home computer or mobile device.

Be ready for business

Effective bandwidth management, proactive help desk support and remote diagnostics make Assyst Network Plus a business tool that helps keep your operations rolling efficiently.

Get an integrated solution

Get your pharmacy peripherals and devices running on the same system by integrating network printers, robots, surveillance camera, Wi-Fi for patients and for inventory, and more.


What Assyst Network Plus can do for you

Benefit from reliability

Assyst Network Plus is a dedicated and private high-speed network. With its 4G resilience or multisupplier option, the network is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also lets you access your pharmacy remotely, whether you’re working from home or checking in on your smartphone.

Get fast and efficient support

Receive expert support from our experienced TELUS Health team. We offer remote chat support to troubleshoot problems and answer your questions. Our knowledgeable team can provide training to help you get more out of this solution.

Safeguard your data with encryption

The confidentiality of your data is safeguarded with encryption when it is exchanged with other pharmacies and partners. Privacy and internet controls help ensure that only those who should see the data you send have access to it.


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