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Complementary services integrated with Kroll™

Data backup and recovery

Help protect your data with initial setup by a TELUS Health technician, data encryption, 24/7 support in case of emergency and more.

Online faxing

Benefit from a fast, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the conventional fax machine with this web-based solution.

Mobile and online service for your patient

Let your patients consult their medication file and order refills at their convenience.

Pharmacy front store management

Streamline pharmacy operations with a fully integrated point of sale and inventory system that lets you manage front store purchases.

Central fulfillment

Send prescriptions to a central prescription fulfillment center where prescriptions are packaged and delivered to the pharmacy. *

Central data maintenance

From head office, centrally control and maintain data and configuration settings for multiple pharmacy locations, based on a customizable structure.

Central data repository

Receive prescription data from multiple pharmacy locations to a centralized database that offers a single source for ad-hoc reporting.

Long term care support

Provide medication administration records (MARs) and three-month reviews (TMRs) to pharmacies servicing long term care facilities.

Electronic medication administration record

Use a digital interface that replaces paper-based recording for long term care facilities. Compatible with MED e-care, Catalyst, PCC and SeniorCare.

Innovation at TELUS Health

We are committed to working with healthcare professionals across Canada by harnessing the power of technology with the purpose of connecting everyone in the cycle of care.

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